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health check for lego men (and women)

their faces are all the same colour…
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…in fact they all appear to be suffering from jaundice.

in this day and age when most cities are multi-racial, it really should be the ideal that our basic lego mini people reflected the diversity that we observe on the streets. its not as if lego restrict themselves to a small palette of colours.

if this is indeed baked (and I’m not talking about the speciality figures like the pirates etc) then I will happily delete this immediately.

po, Jan 22 2006

Jade Empire minifigs http://www.mocpages.com/moc.php/7421
Somewhat specialised. [wagster, Jan 22 2006]

Tolkien minifigs http://www.trevorshp.com/lotrlego.htm
Not original Lego - but very good nonetheless. Glad to see the forces of Sauron have been well represented. [wagster, Jan 22 2006]

You. In Lego. http://www.reasonab....com/mini/index.htm
[wagster, Jan 22 2006]

Should Lego introduce more skin-tones? Discuss. http://www.classic-...iewtopic.php?p=2381
In depth discussion of this idea by scary Lego fanatics. [wagster, Jan 22 2006]

LEGO® DUPLO® Explore Being Me World People Set http://www.ssww.com.../product/sku=LR625/
Created specifically to adress this. [jutta, Jan 22 2006]

Epinions review of the set. http://www.epinions...ontent_144759099012
[jutta, Jan 22 2006]


       They're called mini-figs [po]. Tsk tsk, don't you know *anything*?
wagster, Jan 22 2006

       : P
po, Jan 22 2006

       I can see it now; Lego gets sued for not maintaining a proper ethnic mix
grieger, Jan 22 2006

       I went to Denmark once, and found that while not yellow, many of the people there had lego-man like features. It was something in the way they smiled. It was almost spooky thinking back on it.
zen_tom, Jan 22 2006

       I think that pretty much all races have been covered by Lego, but as [po] points out, that is a very different thing to providing ethnic diversity in all of the run-of-the-mill lego sets.   

       EDIT - I was wrong about the ethnic thing. Apparently the only non-yellow Lego head produced was that of Lando Calrissian.
wagster, Jan 22 2006

       Leg Omen - that's where your leg changes colour before something happens (usually bad) - in this case it's the opposite - a good omen +
xenzag, Jan 22 2006

       What's next, anatomically correct Lego?   

       How'd you find that [jutta]? I spent a good while searching for exactly that.
wagster, Jan 22 2006

       Google's very first hit for "lego" and "skin tones" was the Wikipedia lego timeline. It mentions the product's introduction in 2004, but doesn't list the name. After a lot of unsuccessful poking around, I switched to an image search for "lego" "people", and that happens to have a picture of the set as the last image on page one.
jutta, Jan 22 2006

       I see that I must hone my interweb detectivity skills.
wagster, Jan 22 2006

       are they just for duplo? (which I believe is the larger lego for smaller children)
po, Jan 22 2006

       Yeah, I think you're right - they're the larger ones. [Adjusts link name.]
jutta, Jan 22 2006

       I love the LOTR ones! :-) ... If only I was 8 years old again. I need an excuse to play with this stuff again.
ixnaum, Jan 23 2006

       You don't really need an excuse, just make sure no one else is in the room. If someone comes in, say you have a drug problem. No matter what you do, people will forgive you if you have a drug problem.   

       Wow, that looks so sketchy now that I've finished typing it.
notmarkflynn, Jan 23 2006

       Last time I looked, nobody wandering the streets was day-glo yellow so I think LEGO do a nice job by not favouring any particular race for their toys.

Still, I suppose the absence of any other colour is a bit suggestive of some sinister fluorescent yellow master race. Could we lobby LEGO to produce figures in other improbable colours? Red, blue, purple and green people would be preferable to boring old real-life skin pigmentation.
DocBrown, Jan 23 2006

       //No matter what you do, people will forgive you if you have a drug problem// Charles Manson?
coprocephalous, Jan 23 2006

       //I need an excuse to play with this stuff again.// Have kids. It's worth at least a decade of excuses for all sorts of activities.
Shz, Jan 23 2006

       only for the babies apparently...   

       <phew light relief...>
po, Jan 23 2006

       Baked or not, it certainly isn't "widely known".
jutta, Jan 23 2006

       They have pirates, ghosts, albino's some indians. They are diverse.
Antegrity, Jan 23 2006


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