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Michael Jackson Russian Egg

the mysteries of Jacko's face unveiled
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Everyone knows how a Russian egg inside an egg works, and now it can be used to illustrate the many changing faces of Jacko!

It recaps what took the BBC one hour to explore neatly in just under a minute. Watch his features and skin color change before your very eyes!

A real hit with the kiddies.

crassy, Dec 13 2003

3D Michael Jackson Face Jigsaw http://www.clubsbon...bakery/mikejack.htm
from the secret files of [calum] mk I. [calum, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]

Michael Jackson Silly Putty http://www.halfbake...son_20Silly_20Putty
similar [FarmerJohn, Oct 17 2004]

Michael Jackson Doll http://www.halfbake...el_20Jackson_20doll
Name says it all [DesertFox, Oct 17 2004]


krelnik, Dec 13 2003

       This would be a Halloween item, I take it?
DrCurry, Dec 13 2003

po, Dec 13 2003

       Once bought, the egg would hold its value for a few months, then slowly peter-off ... then the value would jump up again after it appears with its sister on TV, then plummet to worthlessness after legal action ... not only an exploration of Michael Jackson, but of the value/appreciation/depreciation system as well ... idea served with tartar sauce, sorry.
Letsbuildafort, Dec 13 2003

       exploitation? lbaf. exploration? ewww!
po, Dec 13 2003

       I've crassly exploited this over in the collectables department.
thumbwax, Dec 14 2003

       [po] my dear, you'll say "ewww" until it happens to you ... than you'll saw "awww"   

       Dear Jesus, what am I saying?!
Letsbuildafort, Dec 15 2003


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