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helium treehouse

100ft outside of reality in a tethered balloon
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great place to read. great place for lunch. no FAA liscensing. no tree necessary. chicks dig it. [and americans can gloat during their hangtime as ive learned that the USA holds most of the natural Helium reserves worldwide.] other uses: storage, spying, melon bombing, punishing the kids, secure place for cooling pies.
gnormal, May 03 2001

Airship FAQ http://www.hotairship.com/faq/index.html
See particularly the question "What is the lift of helium and hot air?" [bookworm, Feb 11 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       Another way for big sister to tease little brother: cut the tether while he's up there with little Billy Quirkibuttocks from next door.
globaltourniquet, May 04 2001

       Way cool.   

       To deal with "accidental" untetherings, maybe have an altitude sensor that causes the helium to slowly vent if the treehouse rises above its allowable airspace?
Uncle Nutsy, May 04 2001

       Up, up and away in my beautiful ballooooon...
Dog Ed, May 04 2001

       Maintenance and construction costs are likely to be relatively high for anything that can hold even the tiniest of tree fort cabins.
egnor, May 04 2001

       why bother tether just balance ballast/gas and float along (not recommended in areas with high winds) could be usefull for both beating the traffic and cutting commuting times   

       of course you will need to hold your breath to get anything out of the loft
chud, Feb 09 2002

       Uncle Nutsy: Surely venting the helium will just add to little brother and Billy Quirkybuttocks' problems?
kaz, Feb 09 2002

       Note that Uncle Nutsy said "slowly vent."
snarfyguy, Feb 10 2002

       Twas duly noted snarfyguy
kaz, Feb 10 2002


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