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Elevator House

Get rid of those stairs!
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This is the idea; build your house around an elevator- livingroom.

Basement: the garage

Ground floor: the garden

First floor: the kitchen

Second floor: the bathroom

Third floor: the bedroom

Fourth floor: panorama deck

No walking, space saving and allowing you to use the emergency-stop button anytime you want to!

BartJan, Dec 13 2001


       Such a house would enable you to install a fire-man's poll as a secondary way of getting about.
Aristotle, Dec 13 2001

       fire-man's poll:
I like this idea because:
[ ] It involves elevators, which sometimes blow up...
[x]There is a large height difference so people will require my assistance when jumping out of windows
[ ] It has a big red emergency button, which is quite an exciting thing to press.

Sorry, Aristo! Didn't we have a rotating house design once? I suppose this is reasonably original. I only ask... why?
lewisgirl, Dec 13 2001

       You'll need to ask [BartJan] for that. I was just suggesting a possible feature that such a building could support.
Aristotle, Dec 13 2001

       I got this picture in my head of how this all should look, and a fireman's pole is just been added. Thanks [Aristotle].
BartJan, Dec 13 2001

       << There is a large height difference so people will require my assistance when jumping out of windows >> (lewisgirl)   

       Huh? Difference between what? And what are you planning to do to help? Defenestrate them, or break their fall? And why would they be jumping?
pottedstu, Dec 13 2001

       Is a fireman's poll where you ask all the firemen their opinion?
angel, Dec 13 2001

       hm, BartJan, the workings of your mind remain a mystery to me.
p'stu, they're jumping out when the house is on fire, and the height difference is between the ground and the floor from which they're jumping.
angel: yes, that's what I was getting at.

people just aren't finding me funny today. Arse.
lewisgirl, Dec 13 2001

       Oh sorry I'm really really stupid. Curse you, beer! I will make you pay! I'll drink you all ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!
pottedstu, Dec 13 2001

       Yeah, sorry, [lg]. It's minimal-attention-span-day.
angel, Dec 13 2001

po, Dec 13 2001

       not the basement.....the ground floor to add fertilizer to the garden....
Susen, Dec 13 2001

       I want a big house in the shape of a J for my name. I can make it into the world's biggest J-slide :) sorry that was random
jimithing, Dec 14 2001

       Well [blissmiss], we could turn the concept around for you. Let's make the bathroom the elevator, so you'll be able to get everywhere with your disabillities.
BartJan, Dec 14 2001

       But how would an elevator bathroom deal with plumbing issues?
barnzenen, Dec 14 2001

       Store it in (hopefully very well sealed!) tanks, and dump it into the sewer system whenever the elevator hits the ground floor...
mwburden, Dec 14 2001

       [lewisgirl], just for you I added security cushions on the floor...   

       And what about 'Elevation' from U2 as the theme-song for this house?
BartJan, Dec 17 2001


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