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Home Depot® + Hot Topic® = ?

Well, I thought it might be cool.
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Title's pretty self-descriptive. Certainly there's a (niche) market for Hot Topic-esque furnishings. After all, who wouldn't want a:

Gargoyle shower-head?
Scrying sink basin?
Flame- or Void- print wallpaper and borders?
Artificial gothic tower window frame?

Or any of the other wide assortments of 'themed' furniture, appliances, and home decor?

Along with helpful literature and staff to teach you how to get just the look you're searching for, and do it quickly, inexpensively, and durably. Well, maybe not the last one.

nick_n_uit, Jun 01 2002

Hot Topic http://www.hottopic.com/
For those who don't know any American teenage girls (ahem). [pottedstu, Jun 01 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Gargoyles Statuary http://www.gargoylestatuary.com/
Playing the local hardware store to nick_n_uit's Home Teapot [wiml, Jun 02 2002, last modified Oct 05 2004]

Perhaps you want a store to sell this? (rebunned) + http://www.hrgiger.com/frame.htm
H.R. Geiger has furniture, its expensive though. Well, ya know I'd like this idea. [sartep, Oct 05 2004]


       (Home Depot + Hot Topic)
Description(Hot Topic)
phoenix, Jun 01 2002

       its OK if you live alone. I have yet to find a partner who shares my hot topics. I am going through "the place is falling down around my ears" phase at the moment and even I am not enjoying it.
po, Jun 01 2002

       I don't think the sort of kid who shops in Hot Topic does much in the way of home remodelling, but I could be wrong. And I'm sure middle-aged DIY fans would like somewhere they can take their daughters. But anything involving home improvements kind of gets a fish from me on principle.
pottedstu, Jun 01 2002

       Wow, what an amazingly irritating website hot topic has. About the only thing it DOESN'T have is plinky nintendo music when you open it...
StarChaser, Jun 01 2002

       I'm pretty sure [nick_n_uit] didn't mean Home Depot specifically; his idea is just for a home repair/home interior store for goths or "alternate lifestylers." There are several home-interior-type stores that buy up huge amounts of stock and sell them slowly, though, [jurist]. One that comes to mind is a *large* local home interior store called Reddy Supply, that is still selling doorknobs and venetian blinds with photos of what appear to be young-looking members of the Beatles frolicking all over the packaging.

       Croissant, by the way, [nick]. I don't think it would be as big and warehouse-y as a Home Depot, though. Maybe more like the size of a small <USA-specific> Wal-Mart </USA-specific>.
jester, Jun 01 2002

       I had the same reaction, [UB]. I could never bring myself to buy anything from them, because I didn't trust someone with the common design sense of a vision-impaired sasquatch to handle my credit card correctly. It apparently works for them, though, since it's been designed in exactly the same eye-wrenching way since the late 90's.
jester, Jun 01 2002

       //15 days until the launch of a new improved hottopic.com!!!//   

       <start sarcasm> Taken straight from their homepage....woohoo! I'm counting the minutes..... <end sarcasm>
runforrestrun, Jun 01 2002

       Home Depot + Hot Topic = Hot Teapot?
Morbius, Jun 01 2002

       brettjs's got the right idea...guess I coulda used a better description. The idea is a store that sells Goth-themed furnishings and home decor. The '?' is because i couldn't think of a good name, although I like Morbius's suggestion, too.
Oops, almost forgot the little legal suffix-symboley things.
(Regarding the Hotopic webpage) Dear God, it's PINK!
nick_n_uit, Jun 02 2002

       Afro Ken is PINK!
Bixbyte, Jun 02 2002

       I apologise profusely for linking to that webpage. My browser actually crashed as soon as I tried to follow any links from the homepage. That's one evil website.
pottedstu, Jun 02 2002

       I now know who got that site name. What a waste, huh. There's a guy I know who refuses to use search engines - he says "Say I wanna know about motorcycles, I'll go to motorcycle.com, if I ever wanna know about bread, I'll go to bread.com - that's the way the innernet is designed - sheesh, I don't need no search engine - that's for retards"
thumbwax, Jun 02 2002

       I know a goodly number of people who are gothy despite having an apartment or house to decorate, so this store would have a market (though a smaller one than Home Depot). I'm not sure about the other markets that Hot Topic serves though.
wiml, Jun 02 2002


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