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hi-heeled bowling shoes

champagne footwear for a beer-filled sport
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Phil, Dec 01 2000

(??) Skwing http://yahtzeen.com...rticles/skwing.html
Actual reference to high-heeled bowling shoes in Fargo, ND. Possibly satire. [hello_c, Dec 01 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

High-heel mock bowling shoes http://www.strikingproducts.com/
Conventional high-heels that look like bowling shoes. There's nothing special about the heel. I read you can rent them at Harlem Lanes in New York. [jutta, Mar 23 2008]

Halfbakery: High Heel Bowling Shoes (2008) High_20Heel_20Bowling_20Shoes
More discussion about what actually makes a shoe a bowling shoe. [jutta, Mar 23 2008]

Painting: "High Heeled Bowling Shoes" http://www.haroldgo..._id=17&page=artists
by Sunny Buick [jutta, Mar 23 2008]


       Speaking of ridiculous uses for high-heeled shoes:   

       I once rode a cable car to the top of Switzerland's Schilthorn mountain. From this dizzying peak at the top of the Alps, there is a trail that takes you down the mountain, starting as a one foot-width wide path along razor-sharp ridges, with loose gravel and ice to aid your traction, and multiple-thousand-foot plunges should you lose your balance. I love precipices, but my body has a strong aversion to them, and I was able to reach the beginning of this trail only by holding tightly to the rail of the stairs leading to it. I couldn't let go of the stair rail to hike any of the trail, but I'm glad I climbed down as far as I did. Otherwise, I would not have seen, at the trail head, a round sign with a picture of a high-heeled shoe in a red circle with a line through it.
beauxeault, Dec 01 2000

       I have to vote for this in the name of tacky women everywhere who walk their dogs wearing stiletto pumps, to the women who destroy their feet's arches, and who cannot be stopped by six feet of snow! They should be allowed to complete their tacky bowling outfits with their own customized tacky bowling pumps! Power to tacky women everywhere, and any tacky crossdresser who wants to wear them too!
leefryder, Dec 08 2000

       I don't understand why they don't allow high-heeled shoes in Switzerland.
Vance, Jan 30 2001

       How about stilleto-heeled water shoes or soccer cleats?
spoons, Sep 22 2003

       I posted this Idea separately, not knowing this was here. I'm going to copy stuff from it to here, before it gets deleted.   

       The other day at a bowling alley I saw a pair of high heel shoes kicked off, because their owner needed to wear ordinary bowling shoes to participate in the sport.   

       However, the thing that makes a bowling shoe distinct is the sole of the shoe, which permits some sliding motion. The shape of the shoe shouldn't be so important, as long as they were reasonably comfortable. A high heel bowling shoe would need to slide (including the heel) as easily as any other bowling shoe.   

       I separately asked a couple of women if they thought anyone would wear such a shoe at a bowling alley. The second one said "no", but the first one said, "I would".   

       'nuff said.   

       Annotations were:   

       you could add a slide as per an ice-skate betwixt heel and shoe.   

       wouldn't most women worry about scuffing their pretty high-heels?
By [po], Mar 23 2008


       [po], that's the difference between trying to use one's own shoe (attach a sliding base), and using an "official" bowling shoe, that just happens to be shaped with a high heel. Nobody worries much about scuffs on bowling shoes.
By Vernon, Mar 23 2008


       I'm not sure if you answered either point m'dear.
By [po], Mar 23 2008


       He answered the second point. The high heels are rentals, just like the regular ones, so wearers won't worry about scruffing them.   

       Stock large sizes. I can see this go beyond women as wearers. High-heeled bowling days, a high-heeled bowling league. The high heels work as an advantage for women who are used to them, but don't exclude men out for a night of casual crossdressing with their pals.
By [jutta], Mar 23 2008

       What would be the point of wearing high heels though?   

       If the intention was to look leggy for the spectators then fine but if your bowling was serious, I think you'd want the stability of a flat shoe.
By [po], Mar 23 2008


       I really expected that link to the prior idea to be one of [FarmerJohn]'s.
By [lurch], Mar 23 2008


       [jutta], thanks; yes, I was referring to ordinary rental bowling shoes, regarding scuffs.   

       Also, I didn't know about the previous posting. I would not challenge an MFD (not original).   

       [po], I have no objection to your sliding-base suggestion for an ordinary high-heel shoe, but it seems to me that you created your own objection (scuffs).   

       I'm also a bit concerned about balance while bowling in such shoes, but of course wearing them is strictly a matter of choice. You makes your choices and you takes your chances. The woman who said she would wear such a shoe didn't hesitate in giving her answer, so I suppose she's not concerned about the balance problem. Practice, maybe. Note that many women go bowling just for fun; they're not always out for serious competition. I'd imagine that the serious ones would likely not choose these shoes for, say, a tournament. But at other times, perhaps.
By [Vernon], Mar 24 2008
Vernon, Mar 24 2008


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