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hilt edge driver bit

A hilt to screw gun driver bits for better driver-screw head contact.
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Driver bits are stubs of screwdriver types such as Pozidrive, Philips, Slotted and Roberson that fit into drills and torque guns to work screws.

To work a driver bit properly, the bit should be the same type as the screw and in line with the screw. Being out of alignment means the screw and driver get burred with a gnashing of metal.

All screws have extra head area not used in driving. I put forward the idea that driver bits need hilts that form fit the screw head. On a standard screw the hilt would be a disc the same size as the screw head. The drive connection , Posi for example, would project out from the centre of the hilt. This would be more expense to manufacture, though.

This hilt provides extra performance due to the fact that it makes sure the screw and driver bit are fully aligned and all of the surface area is touched between screw head and driver. Any really slight angles off alignment will apply torque through the hilt against the head as well as the driving type.The hilt could have a clutching micro abrasive coating. A hex head roof screw is an simple example of the full head surface area contact action that I would like to see in standard drive types.

Dome head screws would need a concave hilt. Since there are many shapes of screw heads there should be even more selections of hilted driver bits. More selections are needed to make more complexity, which is a beautiful but sometimes an annoying thing.

I was thinking that material knowledge might get so good that the driver bit hilts could have a shark skin like surface meaning there would only be two drivers, an undo and a do up driver. It would be like a micro surface gripping easy-out, rotation specific. Good for painted screws too.

The tool case has just got even heavier.

wjt, May 23 2018

2D representation one https://www.deviant...tphlange3-848799111
sketchup [wjt, May 24 2018, last modified Jul 15 2020]

2D representation two https://www.deviant...itphlang2-848799658
Used , very soft , attempt [wjt, May 24 2018, last modified Jul 15 2020]


       When I read the subtitle, I thought the hilt was to keep the bit from sliding too far into the driver and not exposing enough to fit into the screw head properly. That kind of hilt would also be useful.
notexactly, May 25 2018

       [notexactly] Most driver bits have a long enough hex section or an indent for a ball bearing lock.   

       If the fit of hilted driver and screw was near perfect , denture cream could be used. Calculations would have to be done so the fit energy release is not greater than hold the screw can provide.
wjt, May 25 2018


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