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Nail-Tipped Screw

For precise, temporary locating before screwing in
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Nails and screws are metal, usually steel, fasteners that are used for related but different applications. Small nails are easy to position and very quick to drive in to the desired depth. Conversely, they lack holding power for their size, being removable with relatively small force. By contrast, screws are generally larger, have the ability to take additional load and are often designed for re-use.

The easy thing about a nail, is that you can use one hand to carefully place the sharp tip of a nail exactly where it will be required, then hit the head of the nail with a hammer and the nail will be driven in exactly where it was supposed to go. With screws, you can hold the screw in the exact place and then attempt to screw it in with a manual or powered screwdriver. During this process, the screw may wander across the surface or generally squirm out of your grip leading to inaccurate placement. The typical solutions to this include either using a center punch to create a depression for the screw to locate in, or go even further and drill a pilot hole, making the whole thing a two step process.

How about we take a standard self-tapping screw, and add a few mm of sharp, nail-like projection to the tip. Now, we can position it precisely before giving it a sharp tap with a hammer, or even the other end of a screw driver, leaving the screw nicely embedded into the right location in the surface. This would mean you could place many screws in the right places before screwing them all in rapidly with a power-screw driver.

bs0u0155, Apr 02 2024

Nail point screw https://www.zerofas...w-points/nail-point
Screw with sharp, nail-like projection on the tip [a1, Apr 02 2024]

Not to be confused with SCRAILS(r) https://www.beck-fa...ew-fasteners~pc2379
To be punched in with a powered nailer, but can be backed out or tightened like a screw. [a1, Apr 02 2024]

See entry under "Self Piercing" https://allpointsfa...ew-point-types.html
...similar to self-drilling screws, except they have a pointed tip that allows them to quickly pierce through sheet metal without sacrificing any stability. They are also called needle point, speed point and spring point screws. [a1, Apr 02 2024]


       These exist - I might even have some. Give me a few minutes to scan the jar of miscellaneous fasteners under my workbench. Failing that I'll find some online for you.   

       (Edit: Nope, I used the last ones up last fall)
a1, Apr 02 2024

       Whoa, that hasn't been thought of?   

       Jesus, you just push it in place like you would a tack in a wall while hanging a picture!   

       This needs to be patented.   

       Hell, forget about screws, put these on nails! Think of the fingers saved by that!   

       Best HB idea so far this year, by far. [+]
doctorremulac3, Apr 02 2024

       //put these on nails!//   

       "Nail-tipped-nails" doesn't work. 'Pin-tipped/needle-tipped" work better. Time to call in the bs0-co marketing dept.
bs0u0155, Apr 02 2024

       a1, they're not really what I was thinking about, close, but I think I have enough novelty. I was thinking somewhere on the sewing pin to thumb-tack spectrum.
bs0u0155, Apr 02 2024

       Good idea, which is why it's a totally baked and in common usage. I use screws called Spax which have sharp projecting tips and are very accurate re positioning.
xenzag, Apr 02 2024


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