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hinged heels

Hinged heels, allows for comfotable walking home after a night out.
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You’ve had a great time drinking and dancing the night away, but you’re getting tired and it feels like time to head home. Yes, you know you look stunning in those heels, but your feet hurt. It’s cold and there are no taxis around, you want to walk home, but you’d never make it in those shoes. You daren’t take them off or your feet would be cut to shreds.

So what do you do? Easy, simply release the catch on the heel and it swings forward underneath the arch of your foot to form a flat shoe. So now, you can walk or even run home in comfort.

Unlike the inflatable heel mentioned elsewhere, there is no danger of punctures on the way home. You don’t have to carry a ‘foot’ pump with you and the hinged heel will take a larger weight catering for all shapes and sizes.

Katie-Darren, Jan 12 2004

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       Also useful if you are trying to hide in crowd of very short people and you find that you stand out because of your heel-exagerated height!
dobtabulous, Jan 12 2004

       The problem with this though is that, a heel has a very rigged design, so realessing the heel wont really help, as your foot is still bounded to an odd shape
tropical_funk, Feb 06 2007

       Oh, that's simple engineering. It's this remarkable concept that's a breakthrough (+)
normzone, Feb 07 2007

       Katie was apparently killed shortly after posting this in 2004. A heel malfunction while crossing a busy street, and a lorry got her. Very sudden, but they say painless, thank God.
ldischler, Feb 07 2007


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