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heat wiyh leaves
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ok here's my halfbaked.what if you you took all the leaves that you rake in the fall and ground them up with water and then compressed them into blocks and used them in a heater, the blockswould have holes in them like swiss cheese and you would have a blower to add O2 to keep the fire going and hot like a forge.
gto, Aug 31 2002


       "Compressed Leaves" would be a better title, as "home" is not the idea.
gto - you should experiment with this:
Make several Brick Molds with dowels from the base up to the top of the brick mold, to form the holes.
Make an equal number of Brick Compressor Blocks by drilling holes at same points dowels are, so Compressor Blocks would fit in/on/around the Brick Molds. helpful to put a hinged handle for pulling - which will not rust or be damaged - rope, perhaps.
Weight can be almost anything which is stable, of course- the heavier - the better.
Now that you have your hardware...
At harvest - gather leaves, separate them into 3 different piles.
Leave (no pun intended) one pile as-is.
Mulch second pile with a lawnmower on one pass.
Mulch third pile with lawnmower on two passes.
Take each pile of leaves, and fill different Brick Molds with only that type of leaf.
You could also take some leaves from pile 1, layer on bottom; pile 2, to form second layer; pile 3 - in middle; pile 2 again; pile 1 again. - This would create a brick that resembles a cigar in it's construction, though not shape. (whole leaf on outside, mid-length leaf, then chopped leaf).
Compress as you go along, see how long it takes to form a brick which holds it's shape, and is dry enough to burn.
Reduce waste, and enjoy the scent of burning leaves - evoker of memory.
thumbwax, Aug 31 2002

       With a hydraulic press you can put as much pressure as needed.Molds would have to be steel to handle it. But I work with hydraulics so maybe something simpler would be better. Sorry about the title Thumbwax... New here you know.   

gto, Sep 02 2002

       how about compressing them into log shapes? that should make for easier burning and more aesthetically pleasing if burned in a fireplace.   

       <<:/mind wanders>> specifically what type of leaves are these again?
senatorjam, Sep 02 2002

       Mix with a little wax-like compound for a binder?
bristolz, Sep 02 2002

       //Sorry about the title Thumbwax... New here you know//   

       Then welcome. But you still haven't changed the title...
yamahito, Sep 02 2002

       he/she could call it - "heat wiyh leaves"
po, Sep 02 2002

       i didn't leave,my computer died,and i was thinking of log shapes but i don't think they would work in a fire place. it will have to be a closed system so O2 can be pumped in with a blower,so as to control combustion.i think any kind of leaves would do maybe even use old newspaper and other trash as long as it would break down to a pulp with water so it could be molded.i will have to exp to get the size and shape of the holes to keep the flame moving the way i want i don't know but i think the flame needs to move from the inside out to get an even amount of heat that way the ash will be burned down to the smallest volume it can be, and get the max amount of heat.yes wax would make a good binder but i don't think it will be needed.the idea is to keep it simple and make the fire burn as hot as you can,the XS heat will have to be stored and be used as needed...how about no more cold showers. so how the HELLo do you change the title? and yes i know i can't spell or type ask any of my teachers, if any of them are still alive.i'm a 43 year man if you think it's important:)
gto, Sep 24 2002

       [gto]: the title can be changed in the type-in box labeled "name:" just to the lower left of the "category" selector, both of which are just below the main body of your idea. Just delete your original title, "home", and type a new one in in its place and click the "OK" button and the title will be changed.
bristolz, Sep 24 2002

       It's a Brick of Filth (organic version).
General Washington, Sep 24 2002


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