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horizontal wine labels

read wine labels regardless of storage orientation
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An attractive way to store wine bottles is on their side.

Drawback: Because most wine labels are oriented 'vertically', you have to tilt your head to read the labels of bottles on their side.

If wine label makers would allot one edge of their front labels to display summary wine information rotated 90 degrees (allowing them to keep the main section vertical), readability would be easy in either orientation.

mhujm, May 11 2007

about corks http://www.suite101...lifornia_wine/18375
[nuclear hobo, May 11 2007]


       It's a shame the stores keep them upright and in the light, but what's a vendor to do.
normzone, May 11 2007

       You can't read sideways?! For shame, man! (/woman)
DrCurry, May 11 2007

       It also means that when you are lying on your side in the gutter, after a serious session you would still be able to read the label on the upright bottle you're still clutching.... which is the opposite of what I first said ! - confused ? the label keeps spinning or is it me?
xenzag, May 11 2007

       Wine bottles are not stored on their side for cosmetic reasons but to keep the cork from drying out and losing its sealing ability. This might not be necessary with the new thermoplastic corks, but that opens up a whole bunch of new arguments. [link]
nuclear hobo, May 11 2007

       //you are lying on your side in the gutter//
Wilde night, [xenzag]? ("We are all lying in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the wine labels.")
pertinax, May 13 2007

       nuclear hobo- You are correct. Keeping the wine in contact with the cork keeps the cork hydrated and, therefore, swollen, providing not only a superior seal but also helping prevent deterioration of the cork, which can impact the wine even if the seal remains intact.   

       'Attractive' was a poorly chosen word. I should have said 'optimal', but for more reasons than just the wine preservation purpose you pointed out. Horizontal storage is also more stable and requires less storage space: bottles lie flat against a display wall vs having to be tipped back at an angle to keep the work wet, and vertical spacing between shelves can be constant while still accommodating wine bottles of vcarying 'heights'.
mhujm, Jul 20 2007

       DrCurry and 21Quest I can read (and write) sideways and upside down (something I learned to help when drawing diagrams for others seated across or perpendicular to me). But the key to successful design is delivering widest usability withOUT having to enforce an arbitrary usage standard. Witness modern photo frames - all of which now almost universally come with hooks or supports designed to allow the user to display the photo in portrait or landscape. While one could argue all photos should be displayed in portrait regardless of the picture's orientation on the reasoning that the viewer 'should be able to' view the picture from any angle, it seems unnecessarily restrictive in the presence of a solution that would allow greater flexibility for all users (although admittedly at the price of a desperate fear that somebody, somewhere might be 100% happy doing it the 'wrong' way). :)
mhujm, Jul 20 2007


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