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hot coal food heater

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Aluminum sheet hot coals blood pressure meter bulb hosing

Fold already burning coals into a sheet metal pocket. Pump air into pocket with hand bulb.

Arrange food on sheet. 200-300F temps. Lasts for hours. Good for mobile heating.

danheathmoore, Jul 20 2008

Lots of heat, three coal/charcoal briquettes http://www.cobbq.com/
widely known to exist? [4whom, Jul 21 2008]

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       Good idea if you were already BBQing on a coal BBQ, otherwise what rcarty says.   

       Comma comma comma period.
Giblet, Jul 20 2008

       So you've invented a coal-fired stove? I'd have thought that done by now.   

       Good for mobile heating if you define mobile as immobile for several hours - I ain't throwning that thing in my backpack!
phoenix, Jul 20 2008

       [admin: Psst, Dan. If you want a line break in the halfbakery between two adjacent lines, you can force one by typing <br> at the end of a line.]
jutta, Jul 20 2008

       ...but on the other hand, the first sentence sounds like a good way to start charades...
xandram, Jul 20 2008

       Wow, you've invented the Dutch Oven and clam bakes! But sadly baked for 100s of years. (marked-for-deletion)
MisterQED, Jul 20 2008


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