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Fire-Detecting Microwave

Microwave which detects fire and stops
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Even when a microwave is shielded, some light can escapes. I assume some of this light is in the IR range, though if not my idea still works, albeit poorly. Anyhow, I envision a simple IR camera inside the microwave detecting the heat of the food. I'm sure this camera has benefits beyond my suggestion.

Anyhow, if the camera detects sudden localized increases in temperature, it interprets that as fire and shuts off the microwave.

I figure, it's only a matter of time before someone installs *nix on his microwave. And since there's already support (well, there used to be) for detecting if a printer is on fire...

aguydude, Dec 03 2008


       I thank you, and my popcorn thanks you. = Bun.
Lily-Jar Nemesis, Dec 03 2008

       Might as well scan the whole kitchen or whatever it can see. Send a postcard to building super before it turns itself off.
popbottle, May 07 2013

       My neighbors house burned bad because of a microwave fire. Did not destroy it, but gutted the kitchen area, smoke damaged the whole house.
Kansan101, May 07 2013

       I was sleepy one morning and went to warm some baby food and my wife left just a little strip of the foil cover on the tub... This idea would have been handy.
MisterQED, May 07 2013


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