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Hook up the drone to the stationary bike, pop on the flashy VR glasses and cycle into the air.
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If riding with a peloton can be done in VR, how about flying a drone in your area.

The drone's altitude has to be high enough not to mess up cars and trucks but low enough not to catch trees, power lines and buildings. Naturally, avoidance software is getting better and better so that just leaves speed and direction inputs from the real stationary riding rig.

Software interfacing between drone and bike could be imaginatively customized but basics would be, cycling faster is functioned to drone velocity, turning the bike alters drone heading. Mapping contour change could be functioned to the bikes work resistance for that realistic ride. Or even, velocity/work points could be set such that the drone deviates from a standard cycle flight and gains a birds eye perspective.

Until battery technology advances, rides are going to short, hard and sweet. Just remember to fully charge else the next bicycle ride will be an outside one. For those that like longer rides, a cycling generator can be attached to charge the drone before the hovercycling flight .

Hovercycling, where the view will always be to ride for.

wjt, May 25 2020

hpf... https://youtu.be/vYmF7-JWCVA
Helicoter-style. [RayfordSteele, May 26 2020]

Needed visual https://www.deviant...cle-drone-848894264
A quick sketch of the concept. Sadly, it seems a precis of modern life. [wjt, Jul 16 2020]


       Need visual.
blissmiss, May 25 2020

       //Need visual.// Well yes, otherwise it would be the cheap "eyes closed" version, with an exercise bike and an electric fan.
pocmloc, May 25 2020

blissmiss, May 25 2020

       Or there's always human-powered flight...
RayfordSteele, May 25 2020

Voice, May 26 2020

       Make it sex, but on a bicycle, but you're flying and I'll stuff my girlfriends with it.
4and20, May 26 2020

       ^ That's such a design change, it might not even be called a bike.
wjt, May 27 2020

       Your drawing is quite interesting. For some reason, I got sort of distracted and didn't notice anything except for the person's head-covering. I like it. I may get me one of those. (Is that the VR helmet?)   

       I didn't see much different about your drony thing than usual drony thingies, however. (deviant art, huh?)
blissmiss, Jul 16 2020

       yes* [bliss], but the drone supplying the perspective was portrayed? I just realized my subconscious could be surfacing that sight is relayed to the back of the brain.   

       * cycling helmets can have that fashionable protective mesh pattern.
wjt, Jul 18 2020


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