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halfbakery virtual world

The best ideas from halfbakery implemented in a virtual world
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I think it would be interesting if someone developed a virtual world, sort of a proving ground for the best ideas deposited here. I envision something like "Second Life" with all the physics of real world and a social infrastructure like "The Sims" I don't know all the mechanics of it but just wanted to throw my idea out there.
Glykavro, Jul 16 2012


       which ones ?
FlyingToaster, Jul 16 2012

       I like several ideas here, one is the farm robot, I wonder what kind of patterns would emerge from that type of planting.
Glykavro, Jul 16 2012

       I would imagine rather chaotic and fruitless, without meaningful input from the designer telling you which bit he put in backwards.
FlyingToaster, Jul 16 2012

       Given the intrinsically dangerous nature of many of the ideas, plus the fact that many would be mutually incompatible, simulating a rapidly expanding sphere of superheated ionized gas wouldn't be that difficult …   


       There would of course need to be plentiful warning signs for different areas of the "world" such as "BEWARE! No Conservation Of Momentum beyond this point" or "Jam, Bees and Banjos Zone. Wear protective clothing".
8th of 7, Jul 16 2012

       It could be good for testing society-scale ideas like a new electric car infrastructure.
DIYMatt, Jul 16 2012

       The problem is that, since it's by definition a simulation, the results are only going to be whatever they're preprogrammed to be. This idea would only work for things that are testing human reactions, and even then the results would be invalid due to the overwhelming participant bias that such a scheme would necessitate. Besides, there's already such a mechanism in place for evaluating human reactions to half-baked ideas—and you're looking at it.
ytk, Jul 16 2012

       This could be interesting, even as a PC game. I could see groupings of ideas with zones where the user has to figure out what each invention does and how it interacts with the local physics to solve puzzles. A whole set of rooms dedicated to clocks, various crazed forms of transportation in random directions, etc.
RayfordSteele, Jul 16 2012

       RayfordSteele, That's right, ideas about everything can be tested. Ideas about social networking, collaboration ideas, mechanical ideas and I admit some things couldn't be duplicated in a virtual world but wouldn't it be worth it to see our ideas come to life somewhere?
Glykavro, Jul 16 2012

       I might actually engage in second life if someone baked this.
RayfordSteele, Jul 16 2012

       'wouldn't it be worth it to see our ideas come to life somewhere?'   

       Sounds like a recipe for disaster, but in a good way.
Phrontistery, Jul 17 2012

       As is my wont as a hyperimaginative, I often conceive of and sometimes refer to the the Halfbakery as a (meta)physical facility, like some sort of vast education and research institute in the sky. Perhaps it is my personal Unseen University allegory. I picture it as a place with innumerable departments and wings, studies, halls, laboratories, and proving grounds. There is an experimental sporting pitch, a bombproof mathematics department, a collapsible physics building, a quiet, airy conservatory, and there are any number of personal offices, each furnished with their own oven, where 'Bakers can cook up their ideas. This idea falls neatly into my own unique... <Patsy> "Idiom, Sir?" </Patsy> Yes, my own unique idiom.   

       So, [+].
Alterother, Jul 17 2012

       // a recipe for disaster, but in a good way //   

       [marked-for-tagline], natch.
Alterother, Jul 17 2012

       [+] Welcome to our world [Glykavro]! ( I rarely know the *mechanics* of some things, but love to throw those ideas out there!)
xandram, Jul 17 2012

       Thanks [xandran] for the welcoming comments.
Glykavro, Jul 17 2012

       How do we know that we are not already living in someone else's Halfbakery virtual world? If such a realistic simulation could accommodate a broad range of ideas, then perhaps we are unwitting participants in such a complete simulation.
tumblewit, Jul 17 2012

       <Agent Smith turns to stare at [tumblewit]>
8th of 7, Jul 17 2012

       'someone else's Halfbakery virtual world?'   

       The next question is whose?
Phrontistery, Jul 17 2012

       jutta's, obviously.
RayfordSteele, Jul 17 2012

       as it happens, I am launching a virtual world in just a few weeks. While creating HB physics maybe more of a challenge than our physics engine can handle, there are several really nice bars :) I will no doubt find a way to product place it here somewhere :).
theircompetitor, Jul 18 2012

       no kidding? Where can I find your world?
Voice, Jul 18 2012

       I've added the link -- please note this a prototype and not live yet -- i.e. it's a virtual virtual world :)   

       Avoid the stores, but check out the Theater and Aqua (second floor)
theircompetitor, Jul 18 2012

       you guys seriously need to move to HTML 5, or at least Flash. When a web site needs me to install a third party plugin just to see it I typically close the window.
Voice, Jul 18 2012

       what browser are you using, Voice? you typically should not be seeing the plug in, but we haven't tested all the browsers yet.
theircompetitor, Jul 18 2012

       Crashed here. Using IE8. Plugin asked for here as well.
RayfordSteele, Jul 18 2012

       ok, I'll take a look and post an update, thx. Any meaningful engine will require a plugin for browsers (obviously Flash is one too). HTML5 is nice in theory, but that is a ways out from being sufficient. We will likely support Flash when our engine supports Flash, which is actually not too long from now (we have internal Flash prototypes). Our launch will probably more so focused on tablets, not browsers (though browsers will be supported too). I've had almost no issues in Chrome, but we've done no meaningful testing with IE or Safari yet.
theircompetitor, Jul 18 2012

       Chrome crashed too, after about 5 minutes of the loading screen, on a corporate net connection.   

       System: OS: Windows XP Service Pack 3 (5.1.2600) CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU E8400 @ 3.00GHz, count: 2 Physical RAM: 3548 MB Addressable RAM: 2048 MB   

       D3D9: Renderer: Intel(R) 4 Series Internal Chipset VendorID: 8086 Driver: igxprd32.dll VRAM: 64 (via fallback)   

       OpenGL: Version: 2.0.0 - Build Vendor: Intel Renderer: Intel Eaglelake VRAM: 64 (via fallback) Extensions: GL_EXT_blend_minmax   

       Unity Web Player [version: Unity 3.5.3f3_044362ab147f]   

       webplayer_win.dll caused an Access Violation (0xc0000005) in module webplayer_win.dll at 001b:0427a893.   

       Error occurred at 2012-07-18_154012. C:\Documents and Settings\bteegar2\Local Settings\Application Data\Google\Chrome\ Application\chrome.exe, run by bteegar2. 52% memory in use. 2048 MB physical memory [1670 MB free]. 0 MB paging file [0 MB free]. 2048 MB user address space [555 MB free]. Write to location aaca2000 caused an access violation.
RayfordSteele, Jul 18 2012

       thanks, Ray   

       [bigsleep] -- the future is definitely HTML5 (for browser support) -- but it's truly not quite there yet. Unity (the engine we're using) is actually quite popular, and will be offering full Flash support shortly, so we may use that when possible. (I'm sure at some point they will offer HTML5 as well) Also, the version we have up there is highest res possible for now, we will likely have a range of smaller res versions for production browser support, that will certainly shorten download times -- we're talking just about half a gig now all told, and growing. But a typical nice IOS game is a gig or more.   

       I added a couple of videos for those who have an interest and can't download (and for those who want to brave it, note again it's not quite alpha)
theircompetitor, Jul 18 2012

       well, if jutta would permit, I know what to call the coffee shop :)   

       without going in too much of pitch, the concept is SecondLife with games (including by third party authors) -- so in fact, a completely separate game with all kinds of physics or what not can be tied in.
theircompetitor, Jul 18 2012

       Social Outfrastructure.
Phrontistery, Jul 19 2012

       guys -- I'm taking down the links as launch gets closer -- will post updates eventually
theircompetitor, Jul 20 2012

       can you only vote once? [hb++]
pashute, Jul 20 2012

       I could see a whole host of puzzle games involving trying to get FarmerJohn's clocks restarted / running by trying to integrate various pieces. Transportation utilizing the Orbit, an Archimedes Screw tractor, a goldfish bowl, and a Hullaballoon. Perhaps even some races in very random vehicles. Giant kaleidescopic stained-glass windows that rotate, a Schrodinger's Toilet Seat puzzle, god it would be awesome.
RayfordSteele, Jul 20 2012


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