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Everything is Zoom

Because this is where we're at now.
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Ok, so we can't really go anywhere or do anything now. And really we were headed to the do-everything-online world anyway. But we all kind of miss the real world.

So here's the idea. A videoconference software with some way of getting "closer" to and "further" from people, just so it isn't overwhelming. You can wander into a conversation and hear is clearly, and toward another and the first conversation gets quieter.

Now switch everything to that service, and have it always online (during business hours). Connect to your paint store, and if the employee's helping someone else with their paint selection you chat with other customers while you wait your turn. In the end select your paint and buy it.

Switch over to the auto parts store. Overhear the person in front of you asking about their car and the employee is completely misunderstanding the problem. You jump in with some advice, and they both get on the same page.

Finished with tasks, you head to your local bar's video conference service. You wander in and out of conversations. A few friends join in as they get off of work. It isn't quite as fun as real life, but it beats the *nothing* we have right now.

Worldgineer, Oct 11 2020

Random zooming Random_20Zoomer
[xenzag, Oct 11 2020]


pocmloc, Oct 11 2020

       <indistinct mumbling>
hippo, Oct 11 2020

       Maybe the audio will come back if you rejoin the meeting.
pertinax, Oct 11 2020

       What [hippo] said. [+/-]
Voice, Oct 11 2020

       So, make a zoom-style interconnection with Thinkmap™ orientation? That would be very entertaining!
reensure, Oct 11 2020

       At a basic level, it's individual volume controls for each participant. Maybe graphically inter-related? So you put the connection you want loudest in the middle of your screen, and scatter the others around; volume proportional to radius from centre. Re-shuffle as needed.
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 11 2020

       It's still squeezing a fraction of the natural informational bandwidth through a electronic grating. Easy for manipulation, though.
wjt, Oct 14 2020


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