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business card branding iron
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Instead of carrying printed business cards, just bring your iBrando, and a pack of blank cards of various materials, colours and textures.

When someone asks you for your card, you take out the iBrando and make one on the spot. Here's how it works.

iBrando is like a miniature waffle iron, with a fold over part that clamps down on whatever is placed between its two small jaws. One jaw holds the text along with any other details you wish to deliver. These take the form of raised metal type, like a letterpress printing block. The other jaw, which acts as the support base, is blank.

A refillable gas cylinder is stored in the handle, and this heats the tips of the raise letters to nearly red-hot when the device is clicked on, using a cigarette lighter type action. Instead of holding a thin coating of ink, they now function as a detailed branding iron.

Now you can singe/burn your details into anything, including someone's shirt tail, should they volunteer it. Give it a quick bite with a light grip to transfer all the information in a legible form. Squeeze harder and longer to burn right through, leaving a more substantial impression full of holes and burnt out bits, but still probably readable.

xenzag, Jun 12 2010

Letterpress printing http://graphic8.com/pics/Letterpress1.jpg
results would probably look like this [xenzag, Jun 12 2010]

Typical Letterpress block http://image.shutte...rounds-15798064.jpg
[xenzag, Jun 12 2010]

Waffle Iron http://www.gleasonc...e/1405%20waffle.jpg
basic shape of iBrando [xenzag, Jun 12 2010]

iBrando Illustration http://lh6.ggpht.co...TOuLrm8/iBrando.jpg
Maybe a little different than the FortCo iBrando. [Letsbuildafort, Jun 13 2010]


       Nothing to do with Marlon?
DrWorm, Jun 12 2010

       Some people get _tattooed_ with a lover's name, as a mark of commitment ....
mouseposture, Jun 12 2010

       Yes. I would buy this.
swimswim, Jun 12 2010

       (+)<stuffs cotton in cheeks>
"I'm gonna make him a card he can't refuse."

       I was invisioning an electronic device that starts out cool but later becomes fat, eccentric and won't come out of your pocket to costar with Charlie Sheen without being listed first on the credits despite not playing THAT major a roll. [+]
Letsbuildafort, Jun 13 2010

       I don't understand the title. [-]
daseva, Jun 13 2010

       And it swings full open to brand small squares of wood, walls, desks, steak, the asses of your conquered subjects, etc...
James Newton, Jun 13 2010

       //I don't understand the title. // Must be good then.
xenzag, Jun 13 2010

       + quite something to remember!
also, I think that not understanding the title isn't a valid reason for a fishbone!...
xandram, Jun 13 2010

       Bun just for the pleasure of being able to hand someone a still-smouldering business card
BunsenHoneydew, Jun 18 2010

       Very cool title. Very cool.
blissmiss, Jun 18 2010

       I envision this as the diameter of a cigarette lighter, with a metal cap. Click the button and it heats up. Pop off cap and brand what needs branding. Cap back on and it can go back into your pocket without unintentional branding.
bungston, Jun 18 2010


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