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Fitted T-Shirt Vending Machines.

Subsidized cloathing w/ camaign emblazenments
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In the months before a major election the unfortunatemost can take advantage of a machine that looks a bit like a soda dispensing machine.

Insert two dimes and a nickle, sit in the seat, grab hold of the hand holds (pretending that you are a sitting crucifix) & wait for the lasars to measure you.

A few minutes later, out will pop a fresh new T-shirt that happens to have a political endorsement on it.
Perhaps it says something like "Poverty Pains McCain"

Anyway, you get a new nicely fitting shirt from the machine for a quarter.

Zimmy, Nov 11 2005

Variation on a theme Clothing_20Vending_20machine_2e
...though adding political slogans is a differentiating, if odd, touch. [DrCurry, Nov 11 2005]


       What's the point in charging the quarter?
zigness, Nov 11 2005

       To stop people emtying the machine and using the T-shirts as fuel?
st3f, Nov 11 2005

       [Rushes off to post t-shirt fueled aircraft idea]
normzone, Nov 11 2005

       T-shirt vending machines already exist... though as far as I'm aware, none of 'm incorporate lasers in their design.. :)
akumabito, Nov 11 2005


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