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A wallet that can do more for your money
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Wouldn’t it be nice if your wallet could do more for you than just act as a place in which to put money and credit cards? I have noticed that when I get up to leave, it takes me ages to actually leave…the process is as follows: I pick up my wallet, keys, phone, glasses, cigarettes and lighter, place this all into my pockets…then I have to double check that I have everything and THEN I leave. Try doing this when you’re drinking and the propensity to loose important stuff increases exponentially with each beer. (note: girlfriend’s handbags come in handy at this stage because you just pass on all your stuff and ask her to hold on to it). For all those single men I propose the ‘iGuy’. This can double as a phone, can be electronically programmed to your car (if your car operates under ‘keyless go’) and act as a lighter. This means you now have 3 things to carry rather than 6 - an improvement. As an added bonus, during times which you cannot find your wallet, you can now ‘call it’ much like you would call a phone which has fallen between the cushions of the couch…etc. At this stage some of you might think that the name ‘iGuy’ may pose trademark issues. This is intentional as any legal action involving apple will mean free publicity and lead to boost sales. (upon which time the product name could be changed to ‘eyeGuy’ or whatever).
Soxaphone, Jan 20 2007

iGuy lives! http://www.speckproducts.com/iguy.html
Not anatomically correct, thank goodness. [Canuck, Jan 23 2007]


       (hint: Don't start an idea with "wouldn't it be nice if..." because most such ideas don't go on to explain how they will achieve their aim, and are deleted as a result. This idea does not fall into that category, but I'd edit the first five words anyway if I were you.)
david_scothern, Jan 20 2007

       -1 for making the women lug your stuff about.   

       what's wrong with *you* having a handbag?
po, Jan 20 2007

       Being heterosexual, it means that it’s only ok to carry a ‘man-bag’ whilst in the airport. Although this trend may change, its still fun to post this sort of stuff.
Soxaphone, Jan 20 2007

       can I interest you in my (fairly) manly swiss army handbag? :)
po, Jan 20 2007

       Cool, I've been looking for a basket to keep all my eggs in.
fridge duck, Jan 20 2007

       Seriously, nothing wrong with carrying a bag if you're a guy.   

       Personally, I have a bag and a going-out-mantra: keys, phone, wallet, smoke. It's really not that hard.
Trickytracks, Jan 20 2007

       //Cool, I've been looking for a basket to keep all my eggs in//   


       and 21Quest....You carry a knife? Either you're a butcher, a woodsman, a big-game fisherman, a knife thrower/swallower, 'the carver' from Nip/tuck, or live in brazil. or a combination of these, or even all of them. or simply just a murderer.   

       In any case, if you live in the UK, this sort of thing is frowned upon.
shinobi, Jan 21 2007

       Me thinks that Apple seem to be laying claim to all names, past and future, beginning with 'i'. Only 25 letters left: roll-up, roll-up, get 'em while they're hot.
Ling, Jan 21 2007

       Not to be out-done, I propose that the iGuy can be customised to include a springe pop up blade for those of us who carry knives. At this stage it might be sensible to also mention that you would be holding a fire and sharp objects near your head. (exciting huh?)
Soxaphone, Jan 21 2007

       [shinobi], in the USA most states will allow you to carry folding or fixed blade knives on your belt. Some have size restrictions, four inches is common, others don't care about length. Despite the media hype, not much knife crime.
normzone, Jan 22 2007

       it's just disturbing thats all. The corelation between knives on the street and crimes in that area is uncanny (all over the world). The UK just decied to take the most simple action; Decrease the knives, and the knife-related crimes will decrease accordingly.
shinobi, Jan 22 2007

       // make sure I'm wearing something with enough pockets to carry it all comfortably. // Cargo pants baby!
MoreCowbell, Jan 22 2007

       The only time I carry more then a wallet and keys is when I'm camping then I ware a army vest It ca carry a the essentials jackknife, scout knife, letterman, first aid kit, camera, lighter, matches, candles, bug spray, sunscreen, flashlights (one pump up and one led), canteen, brush, fox forty, and some kindling.
dev45, Jan 22 2007

       And how does Dave feel about having the slot between the scout knife and the first aid kit, [dev]?
m_Al_com, Jan 23 2007

       Yes, the name "iGuy" is already taken (see link).   

       If you quit smoking you'd have 1/3 fewer items to pick up.
Canuck, Jan 23 2007

       I suppose this could be built into a sort of checkbook sized device, with blackberry style keyboards. That way, it would be cell phone, laptop, and wallet all in one. Who wouldn't want to steal one?   

       I have seen combined knife and lighter combos, but I was not very impressed with those devices.   

       I don't smoke, and I often carry a lighter. They're useful for picking up dates that smoke (yuck) as well as lighting candles for romantic occasions, getting rid of loose threads, and igniting incendiary devices.... Hmm, now I remember why I only really get into the lighter carrying stage around February and July.   

       Also, I am not a murderer, woodsman, etc. but I ALWAYS carry a knife. When I was in the Navy, I would get seriously reprimanded for not carrying a knife. Knives are very useful for opening boxes, breaking down boxes, opening mail, cutting loose threads off of clothing, etc. I often carry a swiss army knife, so that I can also ream things, open cans, and unscrew things if need be.   

       I'm starting to worry about the UK. First they ban guns, now they restrict knives. With so few legal penis-sbstitutes I'm afraid they'll go back to wearing cod pieces... or just take to flashing their iGuys. Out here in the US, we're trying to ban smoking, but that's about the only penis substitute that is a legal problem in most areas.
ye_river_xiv, Jan 23 2007

       I think I'd rather stick a cigarette in my mouth.
Ling, Jan 24 2007

       Chalk it up and get yourself a manpurse.
proee, Feb 06 2007

       >>I'm starting to worry about the UK. First they ban guns, now they restrict knives. With so few legal penis-sbstitutes I'm afraid they'll go back to wearing cod pieces<<   

       The Government is trying to get guys back in touch with their "true" penises, and guns and knives don't mix with that. And waddaya mean "go back to wearing cod pieces"? When did they ever go out of fashion?
Murdoch, Feb 07 2007

       For those of you not familiar with theatrical terminology, a 'cod piece' is not like a mullet.
marklar, Feb 07 2007

       MY cod piece is exactly like a mullet.
Murdoch, Feb 07 2007

       Mullet used to swim around my boat from time to time. They seemed to feed on things that floated around on the surface in the salt water estuary.   

       I never attempted to wear one.
Ling, Feb 08 2007


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