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Motion Detector in Cell Phone

Combines the functionality of motion detector with cell phone
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I LOVE my cell phone. It's the best little gadget I own, so I always look for ways to make it better. My latest idea: cell phone with an added feature of a motion detector built in.
Now, you may ask, why would you need a motion detector in a cell phone? Not to detect your own motion, that's for sure. But ponder this one instead: set it to go off, and leave it in your lIving room, while you are in your bed to warn you if anyone enters your house while you sleep.
Another idea: leave it in your teenager's room at night to record when he/she comes home after a party, so you don't have to stay up to yell at them. Funny party pranks? I'm sure you could come up with more than one way to use this new feature.

So what do you think?

RWED, May 29 2002

Motion detecter auto dialler http://shop.store.y...lle/motdetdial.html
Not the same thing, but combines telephone and motion detector: will call your cellphone or pager if it detects motion. [pottedstu, May 29 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Nokia Observation Camera http://www.nokia.co...0,4879,4654,00.html
Also not quite the same thing, but pretty darn close. [Unicron, Oct 04 2004]


       Wow, this is close to the ultimate in pointlessness. There's no reason why you couldn't do this, but would leaving your cellphone lying around really be better than using an existing commercial motion detector?
pottedstu, May 29 2002

       maybe a phone that doesn't bother to ring if you aren't there? In 2 days and six hours and I will be cell-less (both phone and cubicle).
rbl, May 29 2002

       [pottedstu] provided a link for the only use I can imagine.
phoenix, May 29 2002

       This reads much better if you replace the words "cell phone" with "toaster."
waugsqueke, May 29 2002

       Let me get this straight:
None of you, not in a million years, would ever want a motion detector in your cell phone?

       Let me rephrase this:
All of you would rather have your worst enemy to have such a cool device?
RWED, May 29 2002

       all opposed? "AYE"   

       maybe you're just stuck with the people who don't want even the phone, let alone a motion sensor in it.   

       gave away my pda last week, it was soooo nice.
rbl, May 29 2002

       My phone must: I'm hungry (*); I'm in the mood (*); I'm getting there (,) and it stops.
reensure, May 29 2002

       The only valid use I can come up with is one mentioned in the idea, with a slight modification. If you're worried about security at home, you'll have a security system. But when staying in a hotel or such, it could be used to alert you to someone entering the room. (In case the breaking down of the door or opening of a window doesn't wake you). Throw in a smoke alarm for the truly paranoid.
half, May 29 2002

       For most of these uses it seems to me a standalone motion detector would work as well or better. What's the benefit of combining the two? Why don't I just carry a normal cell phone, and get a separate motion detector for when I'm traveling / spying on my offspring / etc.?
wiml, May 29 2002

       See phoenix's profile for my take in this idea, RWED.   

       What does a motion detector have to do with a cell phone? Like I pointed out, it could just as well be a toaster you're talking about. Or a hair dryer.
waugsqueke, May 30 2002

       The more gizmos you can cram in the better. Just make it custom built from the factoy. That way one can request as little or as much as they desire. Motion sensor, GPS, laser, taser, papper gas, rappelling line, sonic self destruct and more.. croissant!
dag, May 30 2002

       Looks like Nokia has this one pretty much baked. It's not part of the phone, but it's as close as you're gonna get. I especially like the temperature sensor - now you can be sent pictures of the vile perpetrators stealing the beer from the fridge!
Unicron, Jan 31 2003

       I'm not sure if this is appropriate but I've just read a lot of these comments with great interest and could not help but add to this thread. I'm an independent software developer and I've just released a camera phone/motion detector product that some of you might find of interest, either from a "what if" feature set standpoint or to actually flex your own ideas with it. I honestly don't mean this as a "spam", I'm a camera phone junkie and thought some of you might find it amusing look at ideas versus reality. (http://www.omobi.com/lookout.html).
jcallegari, Apr 25 2004

       i like the idea. my daughter has a simular item called a spy detector command center. it has three pods that when placed down and turned on will relay a IR signal to the base. the base lights up but does not distuignish between three "pod" unit. has a very limited range, but the cellphone motion detector could have an extended range and allow for exact location detection.
troynall, May 19 2004

       Great idea. I found this because I was wondering if someone had one. Looks like Omobi has something for a Nokia. A mobile phone is ideal for this because it is relatively inexpensive, has all the hardware crammed in a small durable package, good battery life, and can send alerts and even pictures remotely. It would be ideal for identifying someone who keeps entering a garage or stable.
joeboon, Oct 26 2006

       such a device would be a handy remote alarm if affixed to something that could be stolen or vandalized like an expensive bike.
bent, Nov 30 2006


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