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This object would be large, warm, moving, and emit carbon dioxide. Its purpose would be to attract mosquitos and feed them a mildly poisonous fluid that would kill the drinker after an hour or so. Place it near your campsite to greatly reduce the number of mosquitos.
Voice, Jul 20 2010

MEGA catch http://www.megacatch.com/howitworks.html
Kills by starvation rather than poison. [swimswim, Jul 20 2010]

Octenol http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1-Octen-3-ol
An alternative or supplement to the CO2 bait. [swimswim, Jul 20 2010]

(??) //their bodies cannot handle vascular blood pressure// http://www.fortunec...ish/82/mosquito.gif
[MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 24 2010]

Human and cattle decoys trap malaria mosquitoes outdoors https://www.science...10/181015084627.htm
[Voice, Oct 15 2018]


       Mildly poisonous isn't going to cut it around here.
rcarty, Jul 20 2010

       more likely to just make them drunk and belligerent
FlyingToaster, Jul 20 2010

       Hey, his name was Alan, and it didn't work out...[-]
blissmiss, Jul 20 2010

       That's an hour of biting before they bite the dust. Can't you just shoot them with a laser while they're drinking?
simonj, Jul 20 2010

       if you find a way to fool them into feeding on something that isn't alive I can think of a few researchers who would nominate you for sainthood. I must point out that the blood meal is a one shot-do or die type situation for the skeetes; they are like blood seeking super ninjas. (at least the ones who feed on blood. there are species of skeeter that do not feed at all, as adults)
WcW, Jul 20 2010

       It's only one of the sexes that sucks the blood too, if I remember correctly. Or wait, maybe thats fireflies and light. Or hippies and love. Hard to remember the differences.   

       Anyways, WcW, Really? They are bugs, man. Surely they can be lured into a cage with fresh delicious gleaming blood and burned alive, at the very least. The issue is money and personal safety, not what color belt the freaking insect wears.   

       Your method is quite simple, [Voice], to lure them with CO2 and subsequently poison them. I agree with [WcW] in that they probably won't eat the poison. Lure and burn, lure and burn!   

       also //large, warm, moving// your gonna get sick of explaining the huge looming bag of what in your backyard. []
daseva, Jul 20 2010

       This could work. (+)
I climbed this mountain once and it was too dark to set up a tent when I finally found a spot to camp, somewhere near mosquito Mecca, so I pulled the sleeping bag up and over my head and slept inside of it.
I never got bit but sometimes I can almost still hear the sound of that all night droning and it makes me shudder.

       // large, warm, moving, and emit carbon dioxide.//   

       On warm summer evenings near the main lake, we find that the second junior underbutler fulfills this role admirably.
MaxwellBuchanan, Jul 20 2010

       They aren't drawn to spilled blood and if the blood comes to easily they will not feed. This is due to the fact that their bodies cannot handle vascular blood pressure and hooking into a feeding site where the pressure is to high (or will get to high once they introduce anti-coagulants) would be fatal. Mosquitoes are voracious but also picky, for example moving beds to 38" off the ground will deter some species. They want to feed on an animal resting prone so they are less likely to be interrupted. (this is my opinion, I have not asked them)
WcW, Jul 24 2010

       A similar idea of a similar name would be a kind of bestiality, I suppose.
rcarty, Jul 24 2010

       Can’t you just leave the car running?
DrCurry, Oct 15 2018


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