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A pedometer attachment for an iPod which chooses songs based on their BPM (beats per minute) and your running speed - also programmable, so when you're starting off it 'stretches' you by giving you songs with a slightly faster tempo than your running cadence and when you're winding down, songs which are slightly slower than your running cadence.
hippo, Jan 26 2008

Nike/Apple thing http://www.apple.com/ipod/nike/run.html
[hippo, Jan 26 2008]

N95 pedometer http://research.nok...ts/activity_monitor
and it's an mp3 player [DenholmRicshaw, Jan 26 2008]

generative_20car_20music reminds me of.... [xenzag, Jan 26 2008]

Much the same thing speedo_2fheartbeat_...20music_20generator
...though specifically aimed at cyclists. [DrCurry, Jan 28 2008]

Paula Radcliffe's iPod playlist http://www.podplayl...lus_paula_radcliffe
[hippo, Jan 29 2008]


       It's brilliant. [+]
TahuNuva, Jan 26 2008

       My Nokia N95 has this - see link.
DenholmRicshaw, Jan 26 2008

       I run a lot, tried it with music only once, and hated it, preferring ambient sounds. I see plenty of speed walkers using music players, but not too may serious runners.
xenzag, Jan 26 2008

       Get it to play the sound of a large predator chasing you.... the faster you run, the more distant the sound gets.
8th of 7, Jan 27 2008

       Am I the only person here who finds the onward rush to isolate ourselves from our surroundings a little disturbing? The only place I use my mp3 player is when I have surroundings that aren't worth my attention.
egbert, Jan 28 2008

       Well, define "worth my attention" - I'm guessing that differs for different people. When I'm exercising, I want to hear what's going on around me. Some other people don't seem to want to hear anything outside their heads any time ever.
DrCurry, Jan 28 2008

       Oh, waiting to get on an aeroplane, being on an aeroplane, cardio gym type pastimes, that sort of thing.   

       To me the whole point of being outdoors is to be outdoors, not stuck inside my head. It's not just mp3s, I've always felt that way about outdoor music. The only time I want music outdoors is when I'm driving through town with all the windows open/top down, and even then not always.   

       But back to the idea, it's a good one, <strike>but as noted, already baked.</strike>
egbert, Jan 28 2008

       [DenholmRicshaw] //My Nokia N95 has this - see link//, [egbert] //already baked// - actually I can't see anything in the N95 link which is the same as this idea. It's got a clever pedometer but that's it - Nothing to analyse the BPM of your music and select tracks based on your running cadence. And while you may not like music when you're outdoors, runner *do* use music - linked is Paula Radcliffe's iPod playlist.
hippo, Jan 29 2008

       Sorry, [hippo], I was in a funny mood yesterday.   

       I'm sure I've seen a review for a piece of equipment that does this, but can't find any links. Maybe I dreamt it. "Baked" withdrawn.
egbert, Jan 29 2008

       God, Paula Radcliffe's got rubbish taste in music...   

       I do a lot of running as well, and find my MP3 player to be a real bonus. A driving, fast song is great inspiration to go faster, and when a real favourite comes on it can be a real morale boost when spirits are flagging.   

       I did a couple of long runs a few months back listening only to radio plays - that was great too, as it helped to distract from my mounting weariness and the knowledge of how far I still had left to go...
lostdog, Jan 29 2008

       //[egbert] Maybe I dreamt it// - don't worry, I'm always doing that. Lots of my ideas here are things I've half-dreamt.
hippo, Jan 29 2008

       [lostdog], the missus is trying to push me into training for a half-marathon (sort of an other-half marathon). Maybe I should stop being such a nature-loving luddite and get wired.
egbert, Jan 29 2008

       "Baked" never passed my lips; I should have been a bit clearer in my original annotation though.   

       As it happens, some bright spark could write some software for the phone that could do what you want.
DenholmRicshaw, Jan 29 2008

       I refuse to run, but sometimes I walk fast (Sex Pistols), and sometimes slow (Bob Marley). It would be handy if my walkman could adapt thus. (+)
jtp, Jan 29 2008

       If I was forced to listen to that pile of shite that Paula Radcliffe enjoys (especially that Robbie Williams teenie bopper drivel), I'd run a three minute mile.... and Whitney Houston !!!! can you stand it? - is it ok if I make puking sounds now? What a disappointment. Another hero diminished to the size of an ant.
xenzag, Jan 31 2008


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