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identikit, optimised for lost cats
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identikit, but for lost cats, makes for more realistic posters.
pfperry, Sep 23 2002


       Or you could just take a picture of your cat before you lose it.
sild, Sep 23 2002

       Seconded. The only time you might actually need this is when trying to identify which neighborhood moggy knocked up your prize Persian.
DrCurry, Sep 23 2002

       Somewhere in northern California I believe they're using have microchip thingies for injection into your pets if people want 'em.
squishy paperclips, Sep 23 2002

       I like the idea of a police sketch artist rendition of kitty.
bristolz, Sep 23 2002

       Love the name, but as pointed out, identi-kits are only needed for ID'ing ne'er-do-wells for which you do not have prior photographs.
waugsqueke, Sep 24 2002

       I second [Nick@Nite]'s request for one of your illustrations [bristolz]. Pleeease?
sild, Sep 25 2002


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