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Disposable cat litter

Quick, easy and clean
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Pick up the whole, crap smeared, used cat litter and dump it in one lump into the outside bin - including the pee-stained plastic bit..

Unwrap the sellaphane (spelling) off new one and plonk it on the ground. You're done.

(Anyone who'se ever had young cats knows the hell you've just managed to avoid!)

britboy, Sep 10 2008

(?) This seems to be http://www.petfoodd...asp?pf_id=306135715
baked [futurebird, Sep 10 2008]

Tetrapak poo Tetra-Pak-Poo
[hazel]'s solution for the problem [jonthegeologist, Sep 11 2008]


       some cat litter forms lumps if lumps is what you want.
po, Sep 10 2008

       Simply take existing cat litter, and add some portland cement.
zen_tom, Sep 10 2008

       Perhaps you could pre-mix in iron filings, and then use a giant cartoon magnet to pick up the whole lot.
coprocephalous, Sep 10 2008

       Seems a bit extreme. They make litter box liners that allow you to cinch up the entire mess and toss it as a lot. Put a new liner down with some litter and you're done.
phoenix, Sep 10 2008

nineteenthly, Sep 10 2008

       Or trap the crap creator in a litter box with a snap on cover, and dispose of the entire problem in an outside bin.
ldischler, Sep 10 2008

       The problem with the liners is that my cat shreds them. If the cardboard box of litter was wax or plastic coated to be waterproof, and the top just peeled off for cat access, it might save a step or two.
MechE, Sep 10 2008

       This is not good for the environment... and it's baked.
futurebird, Sep 10 2008

       some prior art on the bakery too. See link.
jonthegeologist, Sep 11 2008

       Another cat hater!
neelandan, Sep 11 2008

       Dump the box and wash it out.
Bukkakinator, Sep 13 2008

       The very nature of disposable items is bound to create extra waste. Incorrectly disposed waste creates litter. The introduction of disposable cats will lead to the problem of "disposable cat" litter.
4whom, Sep 13 2008


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