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Clean Laundry Cat Bed

Irresistible to the feline species
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After buying your feline thing a pet bed you see that said feline prefers your clean laundry. You most likely bought the wrong bed and for that you can sleep in it instead.

This bed is made up of a laundry basket with large squares of loose fabric (fabric softener scented) and a small heating coil on the bottom for that 'fresh from the dryer' feel. The loose squares of fabric can be refreshed by cleaning them in the washing machine. You can also add old clothes to the mixture.

sartep, Dec 16 2004


       silly, you think they will be taken in by *that*?   

       nice though.
po, Dec 16 2004

       Perhaps, you should shoo the cats away from the bed so they will want it more.
sartep, Dec 16 2004

       Now that's a good idea.
harderthanjesus, Dec 16 2004

       Larger version for dogs please.
wagster, Dec 16 2004

       when I had 2 dogs, the cats used to love sleeping in the dogbed; with or without the dog(s). now they don't bother with it any more
po, Dec 16 2004

wagster, Dec 16 2004


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