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To help differentiate the various sounds of the letter "i", I propose that the long i sound /aɪ/ (well it's the IPA thing anyway) should from now on be indicated in spelling with a double "ii". Bii this technique it would standardiize the cluster of other letters that fill this role now and besiides it's tiime we had more double vowels, enough of oo and ee getting all the attention.

After a whiile the wriiting people of the world would adapt and fiind it very handy.

(So Ii had four really shit iideas today, one very dumb and another Ii quiite liiked but would certainly offend. So here's this, which is arguably also very dumb.)

tatterdemalion, Dec 20 2020

The unicode character is called Vai, and looks like two lowercase r stacked on each other and a topside thing https://unicode-table.com/en/A618/
[beanangel, Dec 20 2020]

https://www.dcode.fr/words-containing [pocmloc, Dec 20 2020]


       But the letter i already has thys functyon. Yt ys the short sound that ys problematycal, but I beleve that there ys already a letter for yndycatyng the shorter sound. I don't know wi yt's not already yn common usage.
pocmloc, Dec 20 2020

       Yeah but it looks too Welsh.
tatterdemalion, Dec 20 2020

       Ooh, let's hear the offensive one you liked.   

       [two fries], it was an idea for extreme body modification enthusiasts who are looking to take it to the next level. I would have called it brain piercing, consisting of a thin metal rod that runs through the skull front to back and into the cerebral fissure which separates the two hemispheres. The back of the head exposure is capped and hidden in the hair (if present), and the front end protrudes to the center of the forehead, where it can hold a decorative jewel or other such as a BM would want to have on one's forehead. It could be inserted using non magnetic material while monitoring though a scan of some sort.   

       I thought it could be offensive to people who have encountered brain damage from a penetration wound, or meningitis. I can't rule out the possibility that some of the halfbakerage might have been shot in the head.
tatterdemalion, Dec 20 2020

       Yes that certainly fills one with trepanation.   

       Cut it out, [2 fries]. I need that kind of attitude like a hole in the head.
pocmloc, Dec 20 2020

       Sorry I'm just under a lot of pressure right now, can't you get that through your thick skull?   

       //I can't rule out the possibility that some of the halfbakerage might have been shot in the head.//   

       <obligatory> Well, that would explain some things... not everything, mind you </o>
FlyingToaster, Dec 20 2020

       OK... no need to be bone-headed about it.
pocmloc, Dec 20 2020

       Oh, not trepanation again ? That's just so boring ...
8th of 7, Dec 20 2020

       //To help differentiate the various sounds of the letter "i", I propose that the long i sound /a&#618;/ (well it's the IPA thing anyway) should from now on be indicated in spelling with a double "ii".// - what?! - if you're proposing that English should be written phonetically, there are about a million things you'd have to change before you got to that.English is fundamentally a written language and the roots and structure of English are best expressed in its written form. For example, you can see in written, but not spoken, English that "sign" and "signal" come from the same etymology.
hippo, Dec 20 2020

       English also owes a significant debt to Latin ...
8th of 7, Dec 20 2020

       parody... </parody> Injectable MEMS pressure sensor at/near dura (brain area) communicates pressure on brain. During system development, a Neural network and genetic algorithm find optimal brain pressure.   

       Trepanation option for people who want to optimize their brain pressure. </parody>   

       But what I say actually say is, trepanation? that's silly. Also is that weird thing in the idea unicode? It is then it is "Vai" A thing that looks like a T with two right branches, both of which resembles lowercase r and have "droplets" on the right side. [link]   

       Hmm. I just thought it was silly, if you ignore the Brain and trepanation part, injected eMEMs (microelectronic mechanical systems) sensors, being eentsy, could harmlessly take Tissue pressures, sort of like blood pressures at a variety of organs then talk to a computer like a smartwatch.   

       There is chance, at least a chance, that like actual blood pressure tissue pressure matters to wellness. Then a drug-delivering smartwatch or something like that releases (electrical drug delivery) tissue-pressure specific modulating drugs. Perhaps something beneficial like cardiomyocytes (heart cells) decompress or perhaps become firmer in response, reducing heart disease. Note changing the pressure of heart tissue is different than changing blood pressure. It's a little like "make a map of systolic blood pressure at say 20-40 organs and tissue with eMEMs, find optima, then adjust with drugs" as well.
beanangel, Dec 20 2020

       ... but more likely, it will say "Oooooh, donuts !" ...
8th of 7, Dec 20 2020

       I like focii
beanangel, Dec 20 2020

       So the difference between ring doughnuts and jam doughnuts, is trepanation?   

       And the jam is doughnut brains?
pocmloc, Dec 20 2020

       [hippo] all true, certainly. I just wanted an excuse for double i's because who doesn't like two tittles side by side? And they should be the same letter so we don't have to resort to hijinks.   

       One of the other dumb ideas was a method to help people break the habit of chewing their toenails using a collar and ankle bracelet arrangement.
tatterdemalion, Dec 20 2020

       When written, would each of the doubled letters be identical, or would one be larger than the other? Would the stems have the same heights, like a pair of skis when you are skiing, and would the dots have the same radii?
pocmloc, Dec 20 2020

       [pocmloc] I would prefer them to be the same. No doubt someone would create a ligature for them.
tatterdemalion, Dec 20 2020

       Anyway I think Hawaiians and Shiites might find this idea useful.   

       If you have been trepanned you could maybe take antiinflammatory drugs.
pocmloc, Dec 20 2020

       Brain donut enthusiasms:   

       [pomloc] Have you heard about brain organoids? They can grow little solid 2-3mm blobs of brain tissue that do not have blood vessels and study neurons with them (EEG like waveforms result). So, your nifty idea, of a brain donut, injecting an organoid with physiologically compatible jam, brings up some possibilities:   

       At a donut, or string of donuts like organoid beads on a string have a string/tube that leaks O2, hyperoxygenated perflurocarbon (blood substitute) continually, giving the organoids oxygen from the inside. They can be bigger that way.   

       grow organoid on perfluorcarbon gel polymer for a very filled donut metaphor: The sort of famous image is there is a rodent that has all its blood replaced with perfluorocarbons which work just as well. Perhaps since that image was published they have even increased the oxygen carrying capacity of perflurocarbons, (zeolite look, or multicyclic maybe?). So a high molecular weight (lots of Mers, like pop-it beads on a polymer) perfluorocarbon might be a thick oil (transparent oxygen carrying tar), and could even be an oil and water colloid, (like a beauty cream). So that could be the Jelly-donut like Brain filler you mentioned. Boston cream brain organoids.
beanangel, Dec 20 2020

       // No doubt someone would create a ligature for them. //   

       Wouldn't that look like an "H" with a diaeresis, though (UTF-16 0x1E26) ? Or maybe an "X" (UTF-16 0x1E8C), if the ligature was really tight ?
8th of 7, Dec 20 2020

       There are about 6000 new unicode symbols coming out soon, and many of them are emojiis. It is kind of a suggestibility meets the committee moment. I welcome an obvious breast and breasts emojii.   


       Actually [TD], you might have just reinvented the written w. Just making one vertical line | when writing "I Question Authority Tuesdays" is handwriting-easy. if I had to write "ii liike IIke" I might make a two-stoke single line move to be quick, and then put an umlaut on it.   

       So w with an umlaut, or n with an umlaut, all because of handwriting speed. Fortunately we have keyboards.
beanangel, Dec 20 2020

       Howabout just two ii's with a single ovalized girly-circular dot above them?   

       What will they do with the Wii?
RayfordSteele, Dec 21 2020

       I think it's cute and ii would use it. Well there ya go, auto- correct did it for me...Yay
blissmiss, Dec 21 2020

       instead of ii   

       how about just one   



       with what [RayfordSteele] calls a big girly dot above it?
beanangel, Dec 22 2020

       [beanangel] some small amount of research reveals that Cyrillic has a character &#1111; which is essentially an umlauted i (or more accurately an i with daeresis).   

       (Why does HB not display these characters?)
tatterdemalion, Dec 22 2020


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