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imagemacro file system

For when you just can't find the right image to go for your msn chat session
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This is a plugin for many different programs such as instant messaging and anything else.

How it works is that you type


to evoke the image macro search box.

It will hover just over this entry, and ask you to type in a dynamic query.

You have two options, option one is to navigate the [online/offline] filesystem, which is categorized according to 'animals', 'anime', or 'mood'. Of which, selecting the image via this way, auto completes your query.

Second option is to type in a query manually, which will update the box automatically to show you a number of pictures, of which if accepted by typing ']' , selects the first image. If you want to select the second or third image from the dynamic search list, you would attach this instead, '- 2 ]' or '- 3 ]' .

What this allows you to do in an online context, is to quickly include an image macro into your msn chat session(or IRC/Forum/Email). {and maybe even some funny video or sounds like rickroll, if the database supports it}

========== Query examples:

1. [lolfiles:> Happy cat] -- first image search result displayed, dynamically searched

2. [lolfiles:> Cat:Mood:Happy] -- obtained though manually file search

3. [lolfiles:> Happy cat - 2] -- second result displayed, dynamically searched

3. [lolfiles:> Happy cat - 3] -- second result displayed, dynamically searched

5.[lolfiles:> &:u64jr83k ] perma ID of the image, used to ensure the same image is used, even a few months down the track

====== Other impementations:

This can be included as a javascript/php add-on to a website, so that it can be used on a site, even if they don't have the plugin.

mofosyne, Jul 14 2010

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       How does this differ from, say, Google Desktop Search?
Spacecoyote, Jul 16 2010

       It displays the image macro quicker, in an Instant Messaging context than google desktop image search.   

       With Google Desktop image search, first you need to find the image, and if you don't have it, you need to go online and download the image to your desktop.   

       And then you have to send it via the send image file to IM, though a few more clicks. Same with email, forums, and IRC.   

       With this, you can 'show' an emotion,or picture, just by a few quick keystrokes.
mofosyne, Jul 16 2010


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