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infographic verification agency.

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There is a lot of infographics on/for various protest out there, but can you really trust that the data is not being mis represented? Especially when it involves numbers?

This organization accepts a small fee as well as design documents, to pay a team of analysis who then review and cross reference the data expressed in the infographic.

If it meets a minimum standard of quality, a seal of approval can be added. Also a small qr code and url will be added, which leads to a page where the full analysis is shown, and where comments can be added to about the accuracy of the graphics.

Maybe this can run under a wiki engine for collaboration.

mofosyne, Jan 23 2014


       According to a recent study by Psychologist June Marcroft published in the Dec 2013 edition of the New England Journal of medicine, 78.6% of people will believe a statistic if it is expressed with at least one decimal point. She also found that if a citation is given, only 3.7% of people will be sceptical enough to verify that it isn't a bold faced lie.   

       *These facts were verified by the IVA.   

       ** * *** **
* **** * **
*** * *** *
* * **** **
scad mientist, Jan 23 2014


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