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Internet Music Data Base
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Internet Movie Data Base (or IMDB.com) should branch off into music. They currently feature Telivision, and Video Game voice acting along with a very large Movie database. Why not apply the same format for music. Alowing people to view which artist created what, and who helped work on it like producers or even guest musicians. Keeping the topic boards at the bottom it gives a place for people to leave their thoughts, or questions about a certain album or song. It could maybe feature a lyric database. Why not is what im asking IMDB. The name works well with it since Music and Movies are easily swaped out for one another. It could be a whole other webpage, or just part of IMDB (which I suggest). I know I find myself wanting to talk to other people about some of my favorite albums. I'm sure plenty of other people agree.
mrtywalsh, Oct 25 2006

http://musicbrainz.org/ [jutta, Oct 25 2006]

http://www.allmusic.com/ [jutta, Oct 25 2006]

http://www.discogs.com/ [jutta, Oct 25 2006]

Widespread existing discussion of this topic http://www.google.c...n&lr=&start=10&sa=N
[jutta, Oct 25 2006]


       There are gazillions of sites that aspire to this. [And by gazillions, I mean about three.]
jutta, Oct 25 2006

       Heh... Great minds, all that.   

       IMDB or not to IMDB? I'd rather have an independently owned & operated place for music than extending the Amazon-owned imdb.
jutta, Oct 25 2006


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