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inbuilt cellphone projector

why crowd around a phone screen to see that dirty pxt?
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Its awhile off but i dunno...a high res but cheap (ie can't run for long periods etc) lcd with a super intense light behind it (that will really help burn out that lcd) so you can quickly chuck up your current photo on your nearest available wall...

I heard of a bluetooth ad on being developed but I'd rather it be inbuilt...

lostmind, Apr 24 2008

Getting there... http://www.engadget...tor-for-cellphones/
.. but still a bit big. [neutrinos_shadow, Apr 24 2008]

Here's the light source... http://www.physorg.com/news2938.html
.. to get you started. [neutrinos_shadow, Apr 24 2008]

This is more like it. http://www.taylorwi...com/?s=3m+projector
3M are leading the pack, it would seem... [neutrinos_shadow, Apr 24 2008]

For [MisterQED] http://www.microvis...displays/index.html
since he's otherwise engaged [neutrinos_shadow, Apr 24 2008]

built in projector(for game systems) Built-in_20Projector
one of the first ideas I posted here. [jaksplat, Apr 24 2008]


       Baked and coming out soon. Saw them on Engaget (not the link given). They are sized for cell phones, about the size of a quarter. Google micro projectors. My boss saw an ad and wanted one, but they are not out yet. The company name escapes me but it's a tiny company doing just the one thing.   

       Found it, Microvision, would post link, but I'm on my Q.
MisterQED, Apr 24 2008


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