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office call navigator app

Navigate the impossible touch tone menus of IVRs (Interactive Voice Response)
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Edited and Clarified

Hello and thank you for calling IMPOSSIBLE AIR. For your information bla bla bla bla. For this department press 1, if you are dealing with that dial 2. Welcome to the bla bla office. Please note, for technical service hang up and dial 987654321. For this and that dial 6. You have reached the wrong office. We are closed now. Please call a different number at some other time. Thank you for your patience.

Just to get to my Israeli income tax office in my town I have to pass 7 different messages, which if you don't wait and listen to, will send you to the wrong place. Then at least another 5 menus with a different standard (the first four have "hit 9 to repeat hit pound for ok" the last have "hit pound to repeat, hit star for ok")

Office call navigator app (and website) to the rescue!

Search in the Office Call Navigator app for IMPOSSIBLE AIR PHONE or search it on google.


The website shows you the phone sequence you need to dial to get to the department you desire, and also shows you the full layout of all the options in a collapsible form, with the ability to hear and navigate the actual tree.

Our social app and website let people share info about offices, hospitals, universities and utilities that have a complicated phone answering service and assist our staff in entering the tree and its recordings.

to put in new offices and changes in navigation options, and if there is a shortcut and direct number you'll find it by us.

Of course on Google the result will show up right away (for the major sections of the ivr) along with a link to our website for planning the call and automatically getting you through.

So, to solve this frustrating waste of time, we (the almost inventors on the Halfbakery website) hereby propose to argue and discuss a social media app

pashute, Oct 24 2020

IVR - referred to in this hibea https://www.youtube...watch?v=G64KP0vPN7Q
[pashute, Oct 25 2020]

Online_20Telephone_...Navigation_20Guides [marked-for-deletion] redundant [hippo, Oct 26 2020]


       how is a new social media app going to solve this problem?
Voice, Oct 25 2020

       Edited and clarified, following your questions
pashute, Oct 25 2020

       (I forget where...) I read that if you repeatedly hit the # key (normal people call it "hash", the technical term is "octothorpe"; I always wondered why USAn's call it "pound"...) it will annoy the system enough that it will get you to a human operator; assuming that such an entity is actually IN the system somewhere.
neutrinos_shadow, Oct 26 2020

       Yes I was starting to wonder why my phone didn't have a £ key.   

       //if you repeatedly hit the # key// So that is why it is called the pound key?
pocmloc, Oct 26 2020

       I agree with hippo's marked-for-deletion -- I think this invention has already been posted back in 2003! Now, can someone implement it already? :)
jutta, Nov 08 2020


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