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infant velcro

Velcro infant clothing
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Parents are concerned about having the infant sleep on its back or stomach because of S.I.D.S. ( i can't remember which because i don't have any kids). How about a baby sleeper suit (one of those one piece things with feet) that has velcro on one side. The opposite of the velcro is built into the crib sheets. This keeps the baby in place when it is sleeping. I also think this could work if instead of on the sheets you have the other side of the velcro attached to a wall. This would be helpful by the wall mounted kitchen phone so that when it rings you can just attach the baby to the wall at eye height and have both hands to hold the phone and take notes and can still keep an eye on the screaming kid.
drewwid, Oct 30 2002

Reducing The Risk Of Cot Death http://www.geocitie...iche/cot_death.html
[FarmerJohn, Oct 17 2004, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       have baby velcro'd to the wall in an upright position seems safest. I believe if you lay it on its stomach, it can suffocate or vomit. putting it down on its back, is I believe the cot-death related position.   

       welcome to the halfbakery [drewwid] you are quite mad. I like that in a person. croissant.
po, Oct 30 2002

       Is today some sort of velcro-related holiday or something? Lots of velcro activity on the bakery for some reason.   

       Croissant nonetheless from me. (WTAGIPBAN)
krelnik, Oct 30 2002

       Sheesh. Why not just put the kid in a locked cage mounted to the wall?
snarfyguy, Oct 30 2002

       another good idea, snarfy.
po, Oct 30 2002

       The baby should be placed on its back or side to lower the risk for cot death; see link.
FarmerJohn, Oct 30 2002

       Oddly enough, someone here in the states tried this with extra strength tape. Got tired of all the babies crawling around in the daycare they were in charge of so they taped the little rug rats on the wall. When asked, they said they thought it looked funny. Needless to say, they are curretnly unemployeed.
barnzenen, Oct 31 2002

       My dilemma: would they develop overly large muscles trying to free themselves from whatever they were stuck to? Or would they never learn to crawl?
RayfordSteele, Oct 31 2002

       The police have a hotline for people like that.
Nick@Nite, Oct 31 2002

       "My father hung me up on a hook, once. ONCE!"
--Danny Vermin
krelnik, Oct 31 2002

       Thats nothing i had to share the cat basket.
skinflaps, Oct 31 2002

       "Ma, the dog's got the Anderson triplets stuck to his fur again!"
RayfordSteele, Oct 31 2002

       Given the rate at which velcro hooks pick up fluff, you'll never have to do any hoovering any more.   

       I'm puzzled though. just how strong is Velcro? How much (or little) velcro would you need on the baby/wall given a baby of weight W? There must be some sort of surface area to weight ratio. I'll have a baby to test this on in a few months ...   

       It's certainly a practical idea, after all the Bar-Fly game works great.
jugglerBoy, Nov 01 2002

       i would think the surface area of a baby's back would be enough to hold them. They have those velcro walls that you can run and jump up on and that can support an adult. (is the velcro wall the bar-fly game?) I am not suggesting this be an extended stay solution just so you can get your hands free for a minute or two and still keep an eye on the bundle of screaming joy.
drewwid, Nov 01 2002

       and before you know it, minor celebrities will be buying the Vuitton version of this product....
phatflaresblack, Nov 01 2002

       I like this, but you'd have to design it to be fairly safe (you wouldn't want babies just falling on kitchen floors every time the phone rang). And Velcro is rough, which might annoy mom's tender skin after a hard day's mothering. It might bother the kid, too.
horripilation, Nov 25 2002

       This is a great idea - especially if you have too many babies and need a way to keep them all in one place.
zen_tom, Nov 22 2012

       There's lots of things like that in need of revision.
rcarty, Nov 22 2012

       // Why not just put the kid in a locked cage mounted to the wall //   

       The cage must have velcro too, to keep the baby in non-S.I.D.S. position.
piluso, Nov 22 2012


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