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inflatable slenderman

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Its a little box with a remote control.

With a button, you can inflate and deflate the 'slenderman' (a horrifying creepy dude, google it).

The idea is to place him in strategic locations, and using either human or AI control, inflate and deflate him when nobody is looking.

This will allow for the impression that the slenderman is chasing.


For making slenderman appear in further distance, a popup cardboard may be faster. If you need even faster response, having the slenderman appears as a shadow may be cheaper, infact you can do this as a garden light!.

mofosyne, Nov 01 2012


       It looks like the approved method for slenderman is to photoshop him into old pictures. Much easier than toting around some inflatable that you know will have become infested with centipedes since the last time you used it. Plus you can also add slenderman's buddy, that tourist guy with the wool cap from the top of the World Trade Center.
bungston, Nov 01 2012

       Yay gonflable!
skinflaps, Nov 01 2012


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