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involuntary organ donation

for armed bank robbery, firearms offences and GBH i sentence you to lose a kidney
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with varying levels of severity, shoplifting for example would just lose you a pint of blood whearas mass murder would probably have to donate your heart or liver or other, more vital organs.

the punishments could also be made to fit the crime, for example rapists would lose their genitals (not to donate, just as punishment) murderers could lose the arm the bludgeoned/shot/stabbed etc. the victim with, pickpockets lose a few of their fingers etc. (hey! no more repeat offenders ever again!)

panthaz paradise, Jun 03 2001

Real Rape by Susan Estrich http://www1.umn.edu/aurora/realrape.html
This is a good book. [I couldn't remember Estrich's name, so I googled with "Real Rape." There are some sick puppies out there.] [calum, Aug 29 2002]

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       Half-baked in the stories of Larry Niven.
dsm, Jun 03 2001

       Paragraph 1 fairly baked in China, where the majority of organs for transplant are from executed criminals.
Paragraph 2 fairly baked in many Arab nations.
angel, Jun 03 2001

       Quarter baked: Monty Python..."And now for something completely different"
grackle, Jun 04 2001

       Hm... Well, I think that if someone shoots someone in the kidney or something and that person needs a kidney then they should take it as a reparation of the crime... Kinda like an eye for an eye, only this way the eye actually does something useful and doesn't just spite the criminal. This is, of course, if organ transplantation technology ever becomes this advanced.
Crazy Bastard, Aug 29 2002

       [Just read this as "involuntary orgasm donation". Guess I'd better get some sleep.]
DrCurry, Aug 29 2002

       They used to cut off hands as punishment back in Victorian times. Are we so low on ideas that we have to revert by a century to find new punishments?   

       Bastard: I though we could already transplant kidneys?
DrC: No, that would just be rape. Probably.
NickTheGreat, Aug 29 2002

       We can transplant kidneys...but the success rate isn't 100% by any means. I hate to tell you but the human body doesn't like being messed around with - certainly not with bits of other people.
And there is only so much major surgery you can take, regardless of the possibilty of infection (which is pretty high).
Jinbish, Aug 29 2002

       //They used to cut off hands as punishment back in Victorian times.//
Who is "they"? (If "they" is "Arabs", then "they" still do, if "they" is "Victorians" then a source would be nice.)
angel, Aug 29 2002

       Maybe it was pre-victorian then.. but I'm sure they (they being the medieval turnip-heads) used to somewhere.....
NickTheGreat, Aug 29 2002

       Hm... I do support castration in the case of violent rape.   

       It's an assurance that the person will never rape again.
Crazy Bastard, Aug 29 2002

       //I do support castration in the case of violent rape// as opposed to what kind of rape?
po, Aug 29 2002

       Off topic: There was a brouhaha in Scotland recently where a judge defined rape as necessarily including some element of physical force. This outraged some feminists who seek to redefine rape as a crime independent of the presence of violence.
calum, Aug 29 2002

       the tricky side to implementation is that the general make up of the criminal would make the transplant less desirable -- who could use a hobnailed liver from the drunk driver? who'd want anything from a needle-sharing heroin addict? transplant a lung from a cigarette smoking shoplifter? not that all criminals are disease-ridden, drug addicted alcoholics, but the ratio is higher in that particular demographic.
pauluskc, May 11 2004

       //as opposed to what kind of rape?// [po]   

       I think he meant rape with weapon/threat as opposed to date rape.
GenYus, May 11 2004


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