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Pre recorded video sections embedded in the zoom
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The instructor pre-records their lesson, but watches along with everyone else and could stop and add responses to questions and annotate the presentation with their own input and in their own voice.

The result will seem like a presenter speaking live, with the ability to respond in real time at any minute.

This way we don't have to be worried about a bad connection on the presenter's side, cutting the sound, or forgetting to share a screen, and all that wasted time will be saved, with a neat and edited lesson.

The presenter/instructor could also insert, alter and delete parts of their presentation at will, just like preparing any video is done.

The zoom recording feature of course will take advantage of the pre-recorded iprezoom sections, with no need to process them again.

For the next epidemic.

pashute, Jun 15 2022


       During the previous (sp. current) pandemic I did online events by recycling video footage from pre-pandemic real-world events. The way we did it was use YouTube and set the video as a "premiere". Then both regular attendees, new attendees and the presenters typed their messages into the chat as the video played. It was surprisingly effective, though a bit freaky to be typing in "oops I shouldn't have said that, ignore that last comment" as my 3-years-youngers-elf spouted shite on the video. On the other hand it was also nice to be able to respond to questions in real time. So this idea is great but is kind of already in existence.
pocmloc, Jun 15 2022


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