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laser controlled headphones

a laser with CCD at the earbud finds your eardrum them tilts the speaker to optimize the audio
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Im only partially attuned to the diffrences between audiophile stereos yet I notice the difference when I adjust the angle of my earbuds

I think headphoes that used a laser to locate the center of the eardrum them tilted the speakers to aim the sound would create a hearable point of difference among high quality headphones

There appear to be frequency modifications as well as volume modifications when I shift earbuds

I have seen a thing at New Scientist where an electronic handyphone camera changes focus with about one moving part That mechanism could tilt the earbuds

The thing I like about this is that its actually possible to tell the difference as regards to audio quality thus audio enthusiasts might actually like it

beanangel, Sep 04 2009


       "If you hear a faint hissing in the background while using these headphones, do not worry. There is nothing wrong with your headphones. That is just the sound of your eardrums frying."
DrWorm, Sep 04 2009

       If by 'earbuds' you mean the kind that you stick in your ear (but not right inside the ear canal), the differences you are hearing are more likely to be caused by changes in the degree of sealing between your ear canal and the earbuds, or a change in the shape and volume of the air space enclosed, or whether the hole in the earbud is well aligned with the entrance to the ear canal, rather than whether it is aimed at the eardrum.   

       From what I've read, earbuds are about the worst solution. They are a poor compromise between the pressure coupling of ear-canal 'phones and the ordinary transmission approximated by good open headphones, whose speaker elements are held away from the ear.   

       I'm sure that good positioning will make the best of a bad thing, but not for the reason you suggest.
spidermother, Sep 05 2009


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