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headphone lighthouse

use the annoying sound leaking from your 'phones to power an even more annoying flashing light
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So there you are on the train/tube/waiting room listening to your ipod at 3/4 max volume, safe in the knowlege that you are a) irreparably damaging your hearing and b) really winding up everyone within mosquito tst-tst-tst range who isnt equally sonically protected (or just deaf). Life couldnt be sweeter, or could it? How about if you could also really aggravate people out of earshot? How about that guy at the end of the train carriage reading hs newspaper, if only you could annoy him too. Well now you can, apply the headphone-lighthouse to your headphones and turn that wasted sonic energy leaking out of your headphone into an even more far reaching beam of light. The sound can seed a chaotic pattern based on a dripping tap, guaranteed to catch the peripheral vision of everyone within line-of-sight. Even that guy reading the newspaper wont be able to ignore your feeble-minded self-centeredness now. This simple device can massivley boost your typical Sphere of Annoyance (TM) from a respectable 268m3 to an ego-rattling 14,137m3.
wibbler, May 25 2006


       I always find that being subjected to someone else's headphone racket is similar to a glovebox full of wasps.Why not just release wasps?
skinflaps, May 25 2006

       the problem with waps is that they might sting you too. this has fewer chances to annoy/emotionally scar the user. can you think of anyone stuck in say BART with a swarm of wasps that have been living in somebody's backpack?   

       I would also want to know what happens when two people wearing these run into one another. would you have like a playlist of fightin songs. that would be worth paying money to see.
tcarson, May 25 2006

       Dear [wibbler],
Welcome to the halfbakery. This useless product is worthy of being croissantified if nothing else but for the effort you have put into calculating the size of the SoA (TM). [+]

       I like your user name very much. It reminds me of one of the two top ideas I have posted: "The Whibble".
methinksnot, May 25 2006

       I like the combat-mode idea, 'phone-fu?
wibbler, May 30 2006


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