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Your driver's license as a .com
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Two bumperstickers you apply on either side of your license plate. "WWW." on the left, and ".COM" on the right.

Thus, my license.com would be

(WWW.) 316-GPB (.COM)

dean, Mar 05 2000

MC Promotions http://www.mcpromotions.com/adURL/
These people will make a chrome badge of your URL or email address. [Eeyore, Mar 05 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]


       I have considered getting my phone number as a domain name.
Eeyore, Mar 06 2000

       I don't have anything specific to add to this, but feel that every so often, the least interesting idea needs picking up off the bottom of the stack, so it can briefly examined and remembered by the bakery regulars and then discarded to sink back down through the pile again. Internet Payment Network should be the next to get this treatment.
Lemon, Dec 19 2000

       If I were to surf to www.316-GPB.com, would it have links to a map pinpointing the current location of your car, as well as the engine temperature, amount of fuel and interesting facts about each of the passengers?
PotatoStew, Dec 19 2000

       That would be a bit too much PotatoStew, I mean, how is a sticker going to know about the passengers? They could change every so often and then the sticker would have to take time to upload the info and all that. It's just too much to want the passenger info, lets just leave it with the amount of fuel and engine temp and location of car.   

       (Insert sarcasm where felt most appropriate)
barnzenen, Dec 19 2000, last modified Dec 20 2000

       PotatoStew: Yes. And all registered cars would be required to install a cheap net-camera which would either face the passengers (reaction shots) or the road (screensaver).   

       barnzenen: Huh? The stickers are only alerting people to fact that vehicle "316-GPB" is online and in full effect, 24/7. Get your voyeur on.
iuvare, Dec 19 2000

       This is great! Eventually, a java applet should be added to the web page that lets the web surfer take control of the car, either steering it briefly, or maybe working the clutch. The reaction shot web cam would be great fun to watch then...
PotatoStew, Dec 20 2000

       How about a sticker on your head that says: www.(your social security number).com? Then people can go to the website and find out your name, adress, date of birth, credit information, health status, marital and finacial status, criminal records.   

       BTW, Do any of you crazy british people have SS#'s or is that only an opressive United Statian thing that our government uses to track and control us?
JesseOQ, Aug 10 2003

       Actually saw one of these on the road a while back. But it was a personalized license plate with the name of whatever company the driver was part of.
Tabbyclaw, Jul 17 2004

       Bone for not having www.316-GPB.com up and running already. (sorry)   

       I assume that you're going to post information about the vehicle owner etc on the site, what happens if there's some road rage maniac out to get you?   

       [JesseOQ] yes but we call them National Insurance numbers and the format's different
scubadooper, Jul 17 2004

       I have a hotmail address which is my car registration number.
angel, Jul 17 2004


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