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lint-recycling vacuum cleaner

harvest useful home-grown fiber
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This works on the same principle as fractional distillation. Material sucked in is blown through a vertical column with a series of side vents: lightweight dust is drawn off at the top, food and coins fall to the bottom and everything in between goes into a separate lint bag. After a while you get the stuff back in little bales, or pressed into a sheet of felt, to be used for clothing, fuel, or building materials, or woven into a new carpet.
hob, Jun 06 2001

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       This would be spectacularly useful, especially for police forensics.   

       What if there was a dial on the side that could be set to filter off certain strata; drugs, hair, skin flakes etc?
Spidergoat, Jun 06 2001

       This is good. The only problem I can see is that 'vacuum cleaners' violate the laws of physics. Crack that, though, and I think you'll have a winner.
angel, Jun 06 2001

       Nice idea--there was an idea for harvesting dryer lint a while back, and this dovetails nicely. I want one fitted to my reduced-pressure-atmospheric-reverse-blowing cleaner right away.   

       [Addendum: I'm damned if I can find an idea for dryer-lint harvesting. I thought...I mean I was almost sure...time for one of the blue pills, I think.]
Dog Ed, Jun 07 2001

       even better, use the fibers to make-- fake sleeping cats!
romy, Aug 02 2001

       That would work. Most of the debris removed from my carpets seems to be cat fur. (And there always seems to be more fur than I have cats...)
angel, Aug 03 2001


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