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liquid flavors

Commonly available artificial flavors: make anythign taste like anything else.
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Picture this... you're trapped at your company's christmas party, and the featured menu item is liver and tripe casserole with haggis sauce or some other ungodly-sounding mess. (This idea would also be handy when traveling to remote parts of the world where they eat weird things like the monkey brains -- as in the Indiana Jones movies -- or Frogs' legs) and it's an insult to refuse food...

Not wanting to go hungry for the 2-hour long key-note address, you CURRENTLY have 2 choices: load up on salad and rolls -- assuming the locals have discovered how to make bread -- or suck it up and dig into the casserole.

Well if companies would release to the public little vials of the right kind of artificial flavoring liquid, with a couple of drops, that casserole could taste like a juicy steak.

The first wave of these liquids would be simple enough foods: Steak; Grilled Chicken; Lobster; Baked Potato with Sour Cream; Pasta with alfredo sauce; Beer. Secondary waves might bring some corporate sponsorship: I imagine vials of Big Mac and McD's French Fries. Pizza Hut Pizza; Tony Roma's Ribs...etc.

Maybe even ultimately they can let you personalize them with some of your own personal favorite dishes that only you cook.

binkley, Aug 22 2002

Take your pick - under ingredient companies http://www.foodproc...de/buyersguide.html
You might need a chemistry degree to know what tastes like what. [namaste, Aug 22 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

IFF http://www.iff.com/
The people who make McDonald's products taste the way they do (and a surprisingly large amount of other food vendors). [namaste, Aug 22 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

(?) Liquid Smoke http://www.butcher-...m/c_liquidsmoke.htm
[phoenix, Aug 22 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Liquid Steak Seasoning http://www.foodlock...m/liqsteakseas.html
No, you try it.... [dag, Aug 23 2002]

Or just sell condensed Liquid Meat http://www.halfbake.../idea/Liquid_20Meat
[dag, Aug 23 2002]


       And this is different from the currently freely avaliable artificial food flavourings because...
namaste, Aug 22 2002

       Where? I've seen salt and pepper and other similar spices and seasonings, but never pure grilled steak flavor....or at least not available to end consumers.
binkley, Aug 22 2002

       See links - less sophisticated flavours are avaliable to the general retail public, anything more specialised can be ordered from one of these companies apparently.

Less sophisticated flavourings are avaliable in most supermarkets in the uk - Ethyl Vanillin and the like, mostly for baking.

If all you are proposing is a wider range of flavourings made avaliable to the general public then isn't this a "me too"?
namaste, Aug 22 2002

       It is also generally an insult to flavour food. It is the equivalent of saying "this food tastes like the scrapping from a McDonalds burger bar" ...
Aristotle, Aug 22 2002

bristolz, Aug 22 2002

       Quote from a late night comedy show "Put enough ketchup on anything and it tastes like a french fry". I mean to test this theory out....
Graciem, Aug 22 2002

       There's the texture issue; what would you want with a steak with tripe texture? Or a McBurger that looks and squooshes like monkey brains (shades of Sir Anthony Hopkins)? Or gland pizza?
panamax, Aug 23 2002


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