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local interest GPS

Geographical, Geological and Historical significance info in a hand-held device
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I don't travel particularly widely but when I do I always find myself wondering what things are and why they're there. Take London for instance - there's a statue at the bottom of Charing Cross Road next to the National Gallery of a woman that I think is Florence Nightingale but I can't be sure, anyway the inscription says 'Humanity'. Why's that there? what's the significance? And I was stuck on a train the other day, looked out and we were in a railway cutting with the rock layers really well exposed at the sides (being a geologist, this caught my attention lots).

What I would like to own is a GPS thingy that works out where I am (and yes, I'd pay more to have it work out my exact location within about 10 metres), and gives me a list of options to find out what I'm near. Landmarks, museums, places where there's a nice view, what type and age of rock I'm standing on, and corresponding links to encyclopaedic websites to find out more (if it was also, or was linked to, a PDA). Would be easier than things we can already have like location-specific traffic/weather/news updates, because the information does not change. There's just more of it. Further development could include "I am at this location - where are the nearest sites of flora/fauna interest?"

And if you tell me it's baked, please tell me where to get one, and how much they cost. Thank you lots.
lewisgirl, Jun 04 2001

(?) GPS pubfinder http://www.silicon....EQSUB=REQINT1=50470
Bound to happen. The most practical use for a GPS system yet devised. [Lemon, Jan 17 2002, last modified Oct 04 2004]

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       Your GPS unit would in fact only need to give you your exact coordinates -- longitude and latitude. Feed these coordinates into a web site, via your phone as Rods Tiger suggests (I should point out that in Japan WAP has already evolved far and beyond for this to be feasible and practical), and the web site's search engine and/or database would return you your information.   

       Personally, however, I would prefer to ask nearby natives about the significance of a statue or any other bit of local history -- and gain far more than mere information.
Dr Furtz, Jun 11 2001

       But would it be accurate? I'd trust the internet more than I'd trust some unsavoury characters I've met on Charing Cross Road!!!
lewisgirl, Jun 11 2001

       Isn't this what GIS is? http://earthpace.com/nepaM/emergingtechgisb.html
slacktoid, May 03 2003


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