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Website hooking up people with similar probable times of death.
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Based on uber life insurance type statistics. Eliminate, or at least ameliorate the pain of separation, yippee!
daseva, Oct 23 2007

When you will die http://www.deathclock.com/
Heh, I'd like to see someone with a negative date here. [Shadow Phoenix, Oct 24 2007]


       I see alot of "goths" finding true love.
rascalraidex, Oct 23 2007

       "What does it mean, sometime last year? I want my money back."   

       If you survive past your death date, that generally spurs lots of positive interest from other people in the same boat and you can find a date if your partner subsequently croaks. At some point, you're gonna die almost exactly the same time with someone, or die before them. It's a virtual win-win, as nobody ever dies alone.
daseva, Oct 23 2007

       [admin: deliberately drab as a matter of policy, I've moved this into Business: Matchmaking - but I appreciate the author's very poetic choice of category: "Business: Please Hold".]   

       How good are insurance companies anyway at predicting one's time of death?
jutta, Oct 23 2007

       They don't go broke often. Do they?
methinksnot, Oct 23 2007

       //How good are insurance companies anyway at predicting one's time of death?// well, they got mine wron
xenzag, Oct 23 2007

       //nobody ever dies alone.//   

       sp: everyone
k_sra, Oct 23 2007

       This would never work because it would invariably hook up men with women who are 5 years older than them.   

       My experience with women is that very few of them are prepared to date a man more than 2 years younger than them. And most men prefer younger women too.
kinemojo, Oct 23 2007

       To prove you are not always right, my s/o is eleven years younger than me.
xandram, Oct 23 2007

       My partner of fourteen years is ten years my senior. My first partner was seven years my senior. My brother's partner is twenty-two years older than he is. His first wife was seven years older than him. It's not that unusual or undesirable.
nineteenthly, Oct 23 2007

       "Hi, would you go out with me? Yeah, tonight. Sure, bring your cigarettes."   

       "Yeah, it's got to be tonight. No, seriously."
elhigh, Oct 23 2007

       Ooh, I knew someone would comment on the age difference bit. My wife and I have 10 years between us. We met on her thirtieth birthday, and I was still three months shy of 20.   

       We've been together 20 years now.
elhigh, Oct 23 2007

       This would make a good tie-in with a betting site. Or not.
wagster, Oct 23 2007

       This is good stuff. + +
nomadic_wonderer, Oct 24 2007

       Ah, I could finally get a girl. Ah well. Try the death clock. [link]
Shadow Phoenix, Oct 24 2007


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