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Use an electronic device to find someone you don't know
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Every time I arrive at an airport I see people holding up signs, looking for other people. The arriving people know (or expect) they are picked up, but don't know by who; the sign holders don't know who to look for and chances of missing eachother are significant. To the rescue is FindMyRide, a small electronic device, much like the electronic tokens you might receive while waiting at a restaurant (table is ready, host(ess) sends signal, your token beeps, you know it's time to eat). The FindMyRide responds to other FindMyRides that have the same code loaded on it, so 2 people that have a device like this, can find eachother even though they do not know eachother. A website would generate a unique code that both parties have to entered into the device. Alternately, it could play a distinguished tune. This could be expanded upon by bringing the whole idea into a cellphone (BlueTooth), Blackberry, pager etc. The devices would be for rent, or purchase, so you have your own code.
muppel, May 03 2004

Cell phone GPS capabilities. http://www.travelby...ticles/tracking.php
Description of existing cell phone cababilities. [dc46and2, Sep 08 2006]


       couldn't you use mobile phones (and text messaging) instead?
xaviergisz, May 03 2004

       Thanks for responding! Yes, you could. But when you arrive you'd pretty much have to keep your connection open until you find your counterpart. Text messaging in general seems a bit clumsy to me: "I'm here, where are you", "at the top of the elevator", "north or south terminal", "south terminal" :)
muppel, May 04 2004

       Would this device include a large neon sign that flashes the words "I'm here" when its in range?
pathetic, May 04 2004

       Something similar to an ADF in aircraft should be fine, provided that you tuned it to the right frequency.
Macwarrior, May 04 2004

       Every tile on the floor of the airport should be assigned a Cartesian coordinate. Then you just agree in advance which tile your ride will be standing on. A web service could ensure that tiles are not double-booked.   

       "Be here at nine-thirty? Ok, I'll meet you at +011679, -000321, second level."
dc46and2, Sep 08 2006


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