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piss on toilet seat detector

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After seeing so many public toilet seats left with piss on it, I am utterly bewilded why people would't just spend a few second to clean the seat so others can use it. Where's the goddam courtesy for strangers who want to sit on it next.

Anyway this public toilet seat cover have conductive traces that detects if there is conductivity on the seat. If there is alot on all corners of the cover, then that means somebody bare ass is on it.

However if there is not much on it, but still more than 'dry state' then that means somebody isn't cleaning up after themselves. In that case, it will make a voice alert to clean up.

Hopefully that will encourage basic hygiene consideration for the fellow man or women stranger.

mofosyne, Jun 14 2013

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       You could always add electricity.
normzone, Jun 14 2013

       HA! As soon as I read the title I made a mental bet that the first post would include the word "electricity". Wasn't disappointed.
AusCan531, Jun 14 2013

       Hmm, it could pay for itself, as skin conductivity would allow streamed adverts to the mobile phone of the sitter, assuming they were holding their phone and/or rip their email address and send very noisy video emails that blare "he pees on seats" when least expected.   

       Shades of that Japanese bathroom scales that measures body fat by conductivity of the body.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 14 2013

       I'm shocked that anyone would actually SIT on a public toilet! My Mother taught me to crouch above the seat for peeing and putting a toilet cover or tons of toilet paper on the seat if one must sit!
xandram, Jun 14 2013

       //I'm shocked that anyone would actually SIT on a public toilet!   

       Well, that's about as close as I get to living dangerously.
not_morrison_rm, Jun 14 2013

       (Is there a place for confessions here?) Once when I was pretty drunk, I crouched over a toilet that had the lid closed!! (Had to go so bad, I hadn't looked.) (I embarrassed myself at that point!)
xandram, Jun 14 2013

       To modify an old prank:   

       get your hands very wet, grab a friend's bare arm and shout "Help me, help me, I dropped a pound on the toilet seat and can't get it off!"
4and20, Jun 14 2013

       When it detects that someone has stood up and left a mess, it snaps a photo of their face and of the seat, then displays the photos on a monitor outside of the WC.
swimswim, Jun 14 2013

       a blacklight can be used or this purpose. Some of the shadier public bathrooms of Vancouver employ these not only to aid in highlighting fluids but because the blue hue in the light makes it hard for heroin addicts to spot their veins.
bob, Jun 15 2013


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