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iFrame category lists

Use an iframe tag to list the ideas in the current catagory
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Half-bakery is getting a bit full. Some ideas are pushed way down the page by the list of all the other ideas on the page.

How about putting that list in an iframe tag of about 150 or 200 pixels in height? Toss in some javascript (very simple) to adjust the iframe's width to fill the space between the left menu and the catagory name (or place the list below the catagory name for a simpler script).

Pages would be viewed much easier.

Additionally, why not toss the "Top 3", or whatever number the user has set, above the full list of ideas. Possibly not listing the new ideas in with the old then to save some screen-space and bandwidth. The page would even be cached, meaning if you are going through all this ideas in a catagory, you only load the list once.

ironfroggy, Jun 04 2002

[tangent] HTML is no TML http://kbs.cs.tu-be...html-is-no-tml.html
Oddly enough, I, too, have ranted about Yamamoto's pet peeve. [jutta, Jun 09 2002]


       Category, not catagory.
hello_c, Jun 04 2002

       h a l f b a k e r y, not Half-bakery
thumbwax, Jun 04 2002

       //Pages would be viewed much easier.//   

       No they wouldn't. You would still have to scroll.
[ sctld ], Jun 04 2002

       Netscape doesn't support iFrames.
mcscotland, Jun 05 2002

       God, no. This one of the few sites that works perfectly in Lynx. Is <IFRAME> (or whatever) even part of the HTML DTD?
bookworm, Jun 05 2002

       Frames suck. Scrolling in little frames sucks too.
StarChaser, Jun 06 2002

       W3C included the iframe feature in HTML 4.01 - big whoopteedoo.
iFrames? iFrames? Weeeee don't neeed no steenkeeng iFrames!
ironfroggy - if you want your page to load up Top 3 list without listing new ideas - you can modify your personal page to do just that, honest.
thumbwax, Jun 06 2002

       If it aint broke don't fix it.
IvanIdea, Jun 06 2002

       If this site ever incorporates any form of frames, I shall have to hurt someone.
waugsqueke, Jun 06 2002

       Using tables is bad enough!
pottedstu, Jun 06 2002

       <off topic rant> the only thing that really pisses me off (and this is about HTML in general, not the HB) is this reduction of spaces thing. Generally, it's not a problem, but I cannot STAND the fact that it reduces the proper two spaces after a full stop (or !/?) to a single space. It just doesn't look right.</off topic rant>
yamahito, Jun 06 2002

       Ummm... What are XSL-FO and XSLT?
yamahito, Jun 06 2002

       [Rods] I dint understand much of your annotation, which is my ignorance not your expression naturally.   

       In order to add more sense I put it into babel fish and translated it from portuguese to english(which seemed natural enough) and something interesting happened- it became a very creditable Yoda version of the original, I got this:-

The thing is, the uses of two spaces on the monospaced to typewriter is bodge in itself. In fact, monospaced type is completes it bodge. The a (former) magazine to designer will be living, I'd to never allow additional spaces anywhere in our incoming CoPy. If I saw any I'd of the a search and replace will be it. I think I used you of the the same when I was to typographer, driving the Bobst Eurocat, with all that quad-left stuff. However, it gives idea me an. In Xsl-fo, there's in implicit natural unit of sentence (them to far the I'm aware), without having uses you adds manual inline-level demarcation. I'm wondering now, if it's worth messing around with adds sort of XSLT pattern hunting you pick out sentence units an inline subdivision of the nearest block unit up the tree. Then it would be possible you introduce Inter-sentence spacing will be those that should so desire it. (Wish Tex I'd learned.)

If you then translate from russian to english you get pure Jarjar Binksian

To tyue of tyuing IS, to tyue whisker of tsho of spaches it and monospached of typeshriter IS and to bodge ine of itself.Ine of facht, monospached to type IS and you chomplete to bodge.Ace and (yekh) the store of designer of the odds and of living, I'd of never of allosh of additional of spaches to anyshyuere ine of our of inchoming taps.If I of sash anes Of i'd to and to searchyu of Andes to replache of odds it.Both tyuink and of used that to to tyue to same of shyuen I of shas and of typograpyuer, driving and Bobst Yeurochat, to shityu of All tyuat of tsuad-left of stuff.Yuoshever, it gives me AN of idea.Ine Khsl-fo, tyuere's but implichit natural it unit of and to sentenche (ace of headlights the ace Of i'm to ashare), shityuout yuaving that whisker the catfish of manual inline- shifted demarchation.I'm of shondering of burdens, if it's to shortyu of messing of around to shityu catfish the type of OF KHSLT the pattern of yuunting the pichk of out to sentenche of units ace AN to inline sub-marvelZion of to tyue nearest blochk it unit up to tyue treye.Tyuen it of should b to possible the introduche to inter-sentenche of spaching of odds to tyuose tyuat of syuould to desire it.(To shisyu Of i'd of learned of those.)

Wnder where the catfish came from.
Just wanted to share that with everyone.
IvanIdea, Jun 08 2002

       If the halfbakery ever starts having frames of any sort, my body will have been taken over by aliens, and I'll have to rely on y'all to hunt me down and give me the common cold / play rock music to me / expose me to sunlight.   

       There are categories that are much too full. The right fix for that is for the moderators to split them up - and for the general usership to put pressure on the moderators by suggesting more and more horrible techncial "improvements" to the site that would handle the problem. So, thanks.
jutta, Jun 09 2002

       <hint>(Jutta, its Yamahito, not Yamamoto)</hint>
[ sctld ], Jun 09 2002


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