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machismo saver

never let 'em catch you (wet)
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the idea is to have a flesh colored, super absorbant finger cot type device that would be employed before hanging out with your manly friends while watching telly.

with an artificial fingernail, and a few beers in everyone, no-one will ever know it's there.

upon seeing that heart wrenching show or commercial and feeling that lump in your throat, it's quickly held to the corner of an eye for a second, sucking up all the excess moisture, but not long enough to dessicate your eyeball, saving your grace and a lifetime of ribbing about your sensitivity.

nth, Jan 02 2006

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       //not long enough to dessicate your eyeball// Thanks for the beautiful image, [NthFauxpaux].   

       What a bizzare idea. sp desiccate.
dbmag9, Jan 02 2006

       can it reverse the process for those moments one wishes to impress girly friends with an unexpected show of sensitivity?
rainbow, Jan 02 2006

       its called a hanky.
po, Jan 02 2006

       [po] - a 'hanky' is a white flag signalling to all a total surrender of machismo. Please, call it a 'bandana'.
lurch, Jan 02 2006

       not here - a hanky is a cotton or paper square that one blows one's nose upon...
po, Jan 02 2006

       Alternatively: Mini radiant heaters hidden in the frames of your glasses - a quick burst of heat dries up any unmanly moisture.
hippo, Jan 03 2006

       that tore my eyes.
po, Jan 03 2006

       silica gel contact lenses
hippo, Jan 03 2006

       Ha. This is good. I like, I like. Have a croissant.   

       Please, it's just a croissant... you know, no need to cry about it or anything.
bookends, May 05 2006

       This is just so....beautiful. snif.
No, no, no it's just allergies. Of course I'm not crying, you boofhead.
methinksnot, May 07 2006


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