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magnifying torch

light and enlarge…
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in real time, this torch will light up the area that you need to illuminate, digitally record the image and play back the magnified image onto the original backdrop while continuing to illuminate. this loop will continue to magnify until the user is satisfied with the amount of magnification.

remind yourself repeatedly that the lit object (if there is one) has been made artificially bigger and don’t scare yourself too much.

po, Jul 17 2005

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       Nice. This reminds me of a system used to help doctors find patients' veins for injections. It images the patient's arm in infra-red (veins are very obvious in IR) and then projects this back onto the arm in visible light.
hippo, Jul 17 2005

       "don’t scare yourself" - um, just what were you planning to magnify?
DrCurry, Jul 17 2005

       What happens if you shine two of these torches at eachother?
Basepair, Jul 17 2005

       enhance your relationship, possibly.
po, Jul 18 2005

       I like it, and the digital image could have IR sensitivity and an IR beam in the torch to increase the clarity!   

       + Bun (crossaint may be smaller than it appears under torch).
not_only_but_also, Jul 19 2005


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