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metric clock

ten hours
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why not. longer hours to get more done. daylight savings, who needs it.

20 hour day (10 hours am, 10 hours pm) 100 minute hours 100 second minutes 100 times the fun

alvaz, Apr 17 2002

(?) Metric Clock http://www.ducodesign.dk/metricclock/
Here is one of the kind. [Nil0, Mar 05 2005, last modified Apr 20 2007]


       We have done this one so many times that its not only half baked to a crisp but fully baked, packaged, shipped to a warehouse, bought by a scrupulous guy who adds it to crack, smuggled through us customs and shat into the NY sewer system. You can't get any more 'done' than that.
[ sctld ], Apr 17 2002

       reminds me of "talking to americans" where rick mercer tricks americans into thinking we (canadians) run on a 20hour clock and many other political lies...
i-Mer, Apr 18 2002


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