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Universal connections for physical product combinatorics
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A design protocol for universal connect-ability that allows a rotating base to connect to a fan, say. This allows manufacturers to have individual products but allows the public to connect them in ways they were never though of being used for.

I am thinking, this could be implemented as a beautiful stud/screw pattern. It would be good if the design was such that if strength is needed the pattern just incorporates the use of more screws. The body product would have more screw holes if the chassis could support it. A set of brackets, extenders, pipelines would be available for unique positioning. Magnetic, Velcro like systems could also be implemented for low load connections. ' Electric and hydraulic connections would be a branch of the product's system producing a simple universal Modconnect fitting.

Wireless is probably going to be covered by IoT. A control program would have only generic simple functions that will only work or not work. These can be stacked and made as complex as needed to gain functions wanted.

Of course it will still take a load of product design to imagine where to place the Modconnect systems on a product for the largest possible use scenarios. Don't worry, I'm sure the communities will come up with ingenious adapters and adhoc connectors.

There might even be a deep learning algorithm such that a product can be run through to give the most elegant ModConnect solutions. This would be great for physical prototyping proof of concept. (Exception being where product is new under the sun)

I am thinking this might be good in space where multi function, build when needed will save space and be fault tolerant on unpredictability. Think of a cordless drill or buggy that are adaptable parts of the service robot.

That car can have the robotic arm attached to the ceiling that tracks outside the vehicle. So why remake the wheel just ModConnect it.

wjt, Aug 31 2019


       How about making it Lego-compatible? Then the standard is already defined, some things already have compatible attachment areas, and people are likely to already have pieces they can use for connections.
notexactly, Sep 01 2019

       I did think of the Lego tape, wondered if the inverse had been made and also wondered what glue would be appropriate. Acetone has limited heterogeneous stick-ability.
wjt, Sep 03 2019


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