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minimalist C/F thermometer

Stylish outdoor thermometer sports a graceful indicator dial and a single number: -40.
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Let minimalist styling make a bold statement with your next analog weather thermometer: Minus forty is minus forty ('cept in Kelvins, in which case minus forty is meaningless). Celsius, Fahrenheit, who cares?! When it's minus forty, that's all you need to know -- and this elegant thermometer informs on a strictly need-to-know basis.
n-pearson, Jul 01 2003

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       233.15 is meaningless?
Shz, Jul 01 2003

       What, no mention of Rankine?
Worldgineer, Jul 01 2003

       Okay, -40 is meaningless in Rankine, too.
lurch, Jul 01 2003

       Thank you.
Worldgineer, Jul 01 2003

       -40 is meaningless in Phoenix, too.
half, Jul 01 2003

       What does that mean?   

       My thermometer currently reads "Too damn hot".
phoenix, Jul 01 2003

       Thermometers are almost meaningless here in Georgia, where on more than one occasion people have run the heat one day and A/C the next.
galukalock, Jul 01 2003


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